Why Vintage Stud Earrings Make Good Jewelry Investments

Vintage stud earrings and other vintage pieces, ironically, are very trendy nowadays. Investing in a pair of vintage earrings actually surpasses investing in a pair of regular white gold stud earrings. Everyone knows the fashion industry is all about trends that come and go. One minute, white gold may be the “in” thing, the next you’re out buying diamond stud earrings just as everyone else is doing.

So if you prefer to put your money in investments that last a long time, better to go with vintage jewelry instead.

The beauty of vintage jewelry

Vintage earrings, regardless of whether they are emerald stud earrings, diamond, or white gold ones, are classic timeless pieces that never go out of style. They are also great expressive pieces that help you make your fashion statement.

Vintage pieces also make great investments because depending on your choice, some actually increases in value.

When and how to use vintage jewelry

Vintage pieces are more than just ordinary jewelry. They are considered as collector’s items. You can use them for a fun and self-expressive everyday style, but you can also use them for special occasions.

The vintage theme offers a plethora of fashion ideas, and nothing beats topping your vintage look with a nice piece of vintage accessory.

A lot of vintage earrings also come in the clip on style. All you have to do is open the clip and put it on your ear. These are easy to use and very convenient. They also do not cause irritation like some pierced earrings do.

Vintage jewelry you must have

Vintage stud earrings are definitely must-haves for every earring and jewelry collection. In the past, stud earrings were so much more popular than they are now, so there are a lot of really great stud earrings vintage style that you can choose from.

If you’re an avid vintage fan, your pair of vintage stud earrings will go great with other vintage pieces such as Victorian brooches, Art Deco necklaces, cocktail rings, charm bracelets, bangles from the 70s, and several others.

Every jewelry collection should have at least important vintage pieces. And if you want to make a really great choice, go with vintage stud earrings that’ll add flair to your everyday getup or complete your vintage theme for a special occasion.

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