Stud Earrings - Learning More About The Studs

You can get a variety of styles of earrings in the market, one lovelier than the next, among them stud earrings. These are pressed against the ear and have a pole attached to them which is threaded through the ear and secured in place with a stopper or butterfly. Stud earrings are simple and understated but at the same time lend an air of elegance to anyone wearing them provided the wearer knows how to carry them off.

To Get Stud Earrings

Because of the design of stud earrings and the way they are so discreet in nature, they will suit almost anyone at all. This means that it doesn’t really matter at all what your physique is, what shape your face is or what style your hair is or what length it is. In fact you will probably notice that almost every man who has pierced ears tends to wear studs in them, instead of hoops and dangly pieces of jewellery. The same thing comes into play for them as well: the stud earring has a presence and it completes your look but it doesn’t take anything overboard. Take David Beckham for example. He is rarely ever seen without his signature diamond stud in one or both ears.

Men’s stud earrings The other advantage of these types of earrings is that they are absolutely perfect for those people who like to take part in sports. You will never see swimmers wearing long dangly earrings but small studs will be a common sight. The thing is that if you playing a game like tennis and wearing swinging hoops, then they can hurt your ears while you are running about. Plus the swinging weight of the earrings will be a distraction unlike stud earrings which will stay firmly in place and you won’t remember their presence for even a second.

Buying Stud Earrings

When you are buying stud earrings, then obviously you would like to get something that looks good and goes well with a number of outfits. This way you get your money’s worth. Diamond stud earrings, pearl stud earrings and simple gold stud earrings will just about match up well with any dress. They will make even something as casual as jeans look great.

Silver stud earrings are a good purchase as well because of the versatility they hold. It is also a good idea to ask the jeweller about the metals that are making up part of the earrings so that you don’t accidently end up buying something that you are allergic to. If you are looking to buy stud earrings for someone else but not sure of which ones to get, a neutral coloured pair will be the perfect solution, like ones with diamonds or zircons in them.

Sud Earrings, Gems & Studs

Stud earrings are not limited to any one type of gemstone or design. You will find innumerable styles of these earrings with every type of gemstone inlaid possible. Men’s stud earrings are the same. You can find them inset with sapphires, emeralds, fiery red rubies, zircons, amber and many more.

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