Silver Earrings and Silver Attributes

Silver earrings of any type can be a lovely addition to compliment any outfit. The great thing about silver is that it comes in a number of varieties, each with its own look, so that anyone can accessorize their wardrobe according to what looks best. Some pieces of silver jewelry will go with almost anything at all, but others may be more suited to specific colors and styles. The thing about pure silver though is that it is extremely soft which means its durability factor isn’t very strong. This is why silver is often mixed with other metals in order to create something that is more suitable for producing items of jewelry.

Silver Earrings and the Value of Silver

Silver is hallmarked all over the world just like gold. The reasons behind this are to ensure the purity of the alloy used to make that particular type of silver as well as to record the date and time of wherever the silver piece was manufactured. Hallmarking has another purpose which is the identification of the company or silversmith who made the silver item in question. This way you can guarantee the quality of your silver jewelry like your silver earrings if you have to.

Silver Earrings and Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is made by combining pure silver with a small proportion of copper, usually around 7.5%. This is a stronger form of silver but the beauty of the original metal remains intact while the ductility increases by a big percentage. One of the most common uses of sterling silver is in producing fine tableware like cutlery and silver trays even.

Sterling silver is used in making cufflinks, photo-frames and trophies as well. It is also used extensively to make jewelry of all sorts including sterling silver earrings, sterling silver rings and sterling silver necklaces. In the same way antique silver is just as extensively used to produce various products. Antique silver jewelry is especially very popular and many websites on the internet are dedicated to buying and selling only antique silver items. These products range from antique silver earrings to rings, from antique vinaigrettes and jugs to cutlery and trays etc.

Silver Earrings and Silver Fashion

Silver jewelry is very much in fashion and in demand especially by young girls. The best thing about silver aside from the fact that it is gorgeous is that it is affordable for everyone. Large silver earrings that dangle are very stylish and a staple at most dance parties. The thing about silver is that all gemstones look good with it. You can have zircons and sapphires set in silver settings or buy turquoise silver earrings. The choice in designs and colors is endless.

Taking Care of Silver Earrings

Silver is very easy and convenient to maintain. You can buy silver cleaning cloths and wipes as well as silver polishes that will make your items look as good as new. Sterling silver tends to go darker with time and that color looks marvelous with some stones but if prefer the original one just give your jewelry a wipe.

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Discover Your Options for Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling silver earrings can be worn in several occasions and are easy to create on your own. They are also more affordable than other types of earrings. <br/ > <br/ >

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