Pearl Earrings - The Glorious Pearl

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but pearl earrings will deliver to her the aura of chic, sophistication and elegance that she so craves. A simple strand of pearls around a woman’s neck can make any plain dress look stunning, as many famous celebrities have demonstrated including Princess Diana and Princess Grace of Monaco.

What makes pearls so special and consequently the jewelry pieces they are set in is the place where they come from. They are naturally occurring and come from oysters but what makes them so valuable is that they are very rare, and most instead are produced on cultured oyster farms now to meet world demand.

Pearl Earrings and Different Types Of Pearls In Nature

Pearls are like nature’s gift to us and what makes every single one of them unique is that no two pearls look alike, something in the way of fingerprints. There are several different types of pearls found in the world today, but what nearly all of them have in common is that they are beautiful to behold and are literally synonymous with grace, fineness and class.

There are round pearls which are extremely rare because the longer a pearl remains in an oyster, the more chances of the shape becoming irregular. These are among the most coveted and expensive types of pearls and make the most outstanding pearl earrings possible. There are also the baroque pearls known so because of their off-round shape. You can also get button pearls which are round on one side and flat on the other one. Some lesser known types of pearls include the keishi pearls, Biwa pearls and oval pearls.

Pearl Earrings - The One Apart

Perhaps the most revered pearl is the black pearl. While known as black pearls, they often vary in shade and hardly any are ever actually jet black in color. The shades range from darker green to grey, aubergine and peacock. You will often see grey pearl earrings in jewelry stores. Naturally occurring black pearls come mostly from Tahiti but now a small stock comes from Indonesia and the Philippines as well. Tahitian pearl earrings, or black pearl earrings as most people know them, and other black pearl jewelry are very popular gifts to give on wedding anniversaries.

Pearl Earrings and Other Jewelry

The most common use of pearls is in jewelry. Depending on the quality you are getting, pearl jewelry like pearl earrings can range from $25 to more than $500. A pearl ring, for example, can set you back $1000. Other pearl rings can cost less than $50. Pearl jewelry is often passed down in generations as heirlooms which make them more valuable than other pearls available on the market. Such antique pearl earrings make a gorgeous addition to any collection. .

In relation to pearl jewelry, there are mother of pearl earrings available as well. Mother of pearl refers to a beautiful iridescent material that lines the shells of many mollusks. It is used not only in jewelry but also in furniture.

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