Hoop Earrings for Men - Important Facts about Choosing Hoop Earring for Man

Hoop earrings for men come in many different styles. Men’s hoop earrings are smaller and thicker than the common hoop earrings women wear. Most are in the huggies hoop design. If you are looking for hoop earrings for men, there are many options you can choose from.

Why sterling silver hoop earrings is popular among men

The most common type of earring worn by men is the sterling silver type. The trend in men’s jewelry veer more to the silver side than the gold side. The sterling silver hoop earrings make great hoops for men for five main reasons.

  1. Sterling silver is a solid metal, so it is not easily vulnerable to wear and tear. Even if a piece of sterling silver jewelry gets scratched, the color within will be the same.
  2. Sterling silver is stronger than fine silver, which is why the sterling type of silver is what’s being used in the jewelry industry.
  3. Earrings in sterling silver look great in men; they are sharp, clean, and sleek. They are not feminine but not bland either.
  4. Even people with allergies to certain types of jewelry don’t usually have negative allergic reactions to sterling silver. Generally, it is pretty much safe to wear.
  5. Sterling silver jewelry are very affordable and so much more reasonable than pure gold. They make great hoop earrings for men that do not exceed the budget.

What are bamboo hoop earrings?

No, these are not earrings made from bamboo. Bamboo hoop earrings are very popular among men. These are earrings that look like bamboo reeds with its textured shape. Most bamboo earrings are then coated with either gold or silver, so you can get the bamboo design in the color that you prefer.

Choosing gold hoop earrings for men

When out to buy gold hoop earrings for men, make sure you make the right choice. A 14k or 18k gold hoop earring would make great choices. You can also check out the diamond-studded ones if you like them.

Men are embracing earrings more and more now. Good thing there are now a lot of hoop earrings for men to choose from.