Earrings for Guys: Be Fashionable without Compromising Masculinity

One of the common misconceptions is that men don’t love to wear jewelry pieces—in fact, they do, and earrings for guys are now just as saleable as earrings that are made for women. Make no mistake, though. Men are very picky when it comes to their earrings. They have quite a long list of requirements. They don’t like high-maintenance earrings. They want something simple, as close to the earlobes as possible. They also want some earrings that would make them cool or edgy while being subtle about it.

Types of Earrings for Guys

There are different earrings for guys to choose from, and some of them can even be called <İ>cool earrings for guys. The most popular of them all are the stud earrings. Women styles are normally worn by use of clip ons or screwbacks. However, for earrings for men, they are secured through screw backs. Some studs are also magnetic earrings which can easily be removed when no longer needed. You can also find men who wear name earrings, primarily the name plate, since it’s the simplest design of all. They would normally hire a professional jeweler to create their name plate. If not you will find them searching for malleable materials such as sterling silver to work on. A lot of guys want the barbell earrings, which resemble the barbells in gyms. They are composed of a straight bar with two balls at each end. One is removable, so the wearer can insert the bar into the hole. The holes, on the other hand, are found in various parts of the ears, including the targus, inner cartilage, and outer cartilage. The barbell earrings can also be industrial, wherein the bar goes through two holes in the ear, one found near the head, the other on the cartilage.

Interesting Choices

Men can also make interesting choices when it comes to their earrings. For example, some would dig for hoop earrings for guys. Nevertheless, we are talking about the very small hoop earrings—unlike those worn by women whose length can sometimes reach up to the shoulders. They are also fond of huggies, called as such since they are very close toward the ears. A number of men would also like to see accents into their earrings, but they don’t usually go for the most common ones such as rubies. They still prefer diamonds, but they want the black diamond. White and other colored diamonds are normally associated with earrings for girls.

How to Buy Men’s Earrings Online

Guys can utilize the Internet to search for the right earrings to wear. If you’re not comfortable with wearing a pair or it’s your first time to do so, consider getting a starter instead the standard earrings for guys. The starter earrings are worn to create holes into the earlobes. They are usually very small and are worn for a number of weeks. The purpose is to get used to the idea of wearing an earring. You can also easily determine if you’re allergic to earrings or not.