Diamond Earrings for Men: How to Pick

With the presence of diamond earrings for men, who says they are exclusive to women? Most definitely they can also be any guy’s best friend.

Men’s Diamond Earrings: What Should They Choose?

Interestingly, men share almost the same types of earrings with women. For example, you can find hoop earrings that are designed for men. The difference, however, may have something to do with the size they like. Though there are guys who can carry a large hoop with finesse, majority go for small one like the huggie earring. This is one that “hugs” the earlobes. They like the pair since they look just subtle. Can they wear earrings with big diamonds? Sure they do, but commonly they decide on the diamond stud earrings for men because of their simplicity. They are also no frills. They just slip the screwback on the post, and they can secure the earrings the entire time. There are also guys who can wear any type of diamond shade or color, and usually their choice depends on their personality. For instance, if they want to show their bravery or confidence, they opt for red diamond earrings for men. If they want to tell the world they’re cool, they pick blue diamond earrings. When they need to stress their fidelity to their partners, they’ll probably settle for yellow diamond earrings for men. However, a lot of men still dig the classic white, if not the darker shades such as brown (which is often referred to as champagne or chocolate) and black. Yes, there are black diamond earrings for men, and they are called carbonado.

Diamond Earrings for Men: Making Them Affordable

Don’t get it wrong. Men do love to splurge, but they are usually cautious when it comes to jewerly pieces for themselves. So they always prioritize those that are cheap. Can you buy affordable diamond earrings these days? The answer is yes, though they may not be such if you’re going to compare them with other stones. If you truly want to minimize your spending on them you can just buy loose diamonds. You will have better control on the cost as you can choose the style and setting of the earring. It’s very important, though, that you’ll be careful of those retailers that offer mens earrings at extremely cheap prices. They are surely a great come-on, but there’s a huge chance they are fake. This means you are getting rip-offs. You are wasting money instead of investing it. Worse, you cannot return the goods should you discover they are unreal.

Cubic Zirconia and Diamond Earrings for Men

Some men diamond earrings may be sold as such, but they are really cubic zirconia. They cannot tell the difference because they initially look alike. However, if you’re going to carefully study them, you may just find out their variations. Cubic zirconia is almost spotless or virtually flawless. This means it doesn’t have any flaws or inclusions unlike the diamonds. Its cut may also be very different from the one you’re used to with the diamond.