Mens Earrings - Knowing Your Man’s Jewelry

Up until a few years ago mens earrings were something of a taboo and a symbol of being a rebel and a renegade. Society tended to view jewelry for men, especially earrings as a sign of defiance towards what people deemed appropriate for the stronger sex. Now however men wearing earrings is almost as common as women wearing them. Taboo is no longer the word of the day and men with earrings blend in as easily as men without them. In fact now men’s jewelry is viewed with the thought of ‘cool’ in mind.

Mens Earrings and Celebrities

Some of the biggest celebrities in the world have made it okay for men everywhere to wear jewelry. David Beckham, who is among the hugest names in football today, is never seen without the signature diamond stud in one ear. Mr T took everyone aback when he first appeared on screen with huge gold jewelry adorning his body. George Michael made it fashionable to wear earrings in both ears where men were concerned.

Aside from the fact that celebrities have helped pave the way for acceptance of such statements by men, another thing that has led hundreds of men to jewelry like this is that many women are attracted to such things. Let’s face it: the bad boy look is a turn on for thousands of women and it is never complete without at least one stud in the ear. Just the thought that putting on earrings may get women to talk to them is something that has led lots of boys and men to accept earrings as a must have at times.

Mens Earrings Styles

Men want their earrings to look good, be durable and at the same time fit within a reasonable budget. They have an advantage over women in the cost department though; women need several pairs of earrings to accessorize their wardrobes. Men can invest in one diamond stud and be done with the whole thing because that will compliment everything. But like women’s earrings there are tons of mens earring styles as well.

In men’s earrings studs, hoops and creoles are all available. But above almost everything, cool men’s earrings are the preference of the day. Nobody wants to wear something that gives off the air of being dorky because to wear earrings, you need to have the confidence to carry off the look as well. If you look as dorky as you feel, it will get you nowhere.

Cool Mens Earrings

You can easily get cool earrings for guys. If you don’t feel comfortable going to a jewelry store to peruse the selection available then try searching online stores. There are plenty of websites that are dedicated to selling stunning mens earrings that don’t cost the earth and look cool. You can get fiery sapphires in a claw setting or a diamond in a yellow gold rim. The thing is that collection of cool mens earrings and jewelry is as unlimited for men as it is for women. So, go find something perfect for you.

Earrings for guys are aplenty. The males can wear studs, small hoops or huggies, barbell earrings, or even earrings with black diamonds.

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