Magnetic Earrings - Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Earring

The world of earrings continues to expand as more and more people discover new methods of wearing them; one of the most popular today is called the magnetic earring.

What Is a Magnetic Earring?

There are actually many different types of magnetic earrings these days, but in general, a magnetic earring looks like a stud earring. This type of earring requires a backing to hold the earring in place. The backing is inserted into the screw and is tightened. In the case of the magnet earrings, there are no screws to tighten. Rather, two parts of the earrings are held securely at the front and back of the earlobes through a magnetic force.

The Benefits of Wearing Them

Many people, both men and women, prefer a magnetic earring for several reasons. First, it doesn’t require any ear piercing. Some people are apprehensive about going through the ear piercing process. They thought it’s going to deform their earlobes. Thus, they normally make use of the magnet earrings to avoid “torturing” themselves with the piercing idea. The earring can easily be worn in different parts of the body. As long as the magnetic force between two parts is still strong, you can place the earring not only on the ears but also on the bellys, tongues, and even septums and noses. As mentioned, magnet earrings are now available in wide varieties of designs. You have the typical magnetic stud earrings, then the magnetic hoop earrings. There are also earrings that are meant for those with piercing, but they don’t have backings. The magnet closes the earrings as they pass through the piercing. The earrings can be very valuable, made from gold, silver, or pearl, as well as casual, chic, modern, and hip-hop. There are also mens magnetic earrings, which are usually simple and single colored, such as black magnetic earrings.

The Downsides

Nevertheless, there are also a couple of disadvantages with regard to magnet earrings. If you’re planning to wear them, then you should be alert about these kinds of cases. For some strange reason, perhaps because of the pressure or the magnetic force, some wearers may feel the weight of the earrings and will start to develop pain in the earlobes as well as headaches or even migraines. Moreover, some of them may contain components that can cause allergic reactions to the wearer, the person experiencing itchiness and swelling of the ears. It’s possible for the earrings to lose their own magnetic force, and when this happens, you can no longer wear them. You may not even know that you have already dropped them somewhere. Some designers also consider these earrings tacky.

Working with Magnet Earrings

Choose the design that you really like, and as much as possible, get to know what it’s made of. Make sure you’re buying a pair that’s hypoallergenic to prevent any allergic reactions that may force you to stop using them. Most of all, if you suddenly develop pain from wearing them, limit the time of use or perhaps avoid making use of them for a while.