Magnetic Earrings - The Basics of Magnetics

Magnetic earrings have gained immense popularity over the last couple of years. The thing about these types of earrings is that they allow people that don’t have pierced ears to experiment with all styles of earrings easily and conveniently and find the design that suits them.

They look good and come in hundreds of different fashionable styles. That’s why you never feel like you are missing out by refusing to let someone poke a hole in your precious earlobes. Plus they come in extremely handy with small girls who haven’t gotten their ears pierced yet but want to accessorize themselves like their mothers or older sisters.

Magnetic earrings also serve their purpose really well for those people who are unable to get their ears pierced due to any type of medical problems.

How Magnetic Earrings Work

For those people who are new to the concept of magnetic earrings, it could be a little confusing as to how such items actually work. The mechanism is quite simple though; the earrings have pretty much the same parts as normal ones, that is, one part that goes in front and the other is the stopper that keeps the earring in its proper place and prevents it from falling out of the ear.

Magnetic earrings have a small magnet on their two separate parts which attract each other with a force that keeps the jewelry in its place. There is no need to worry about any irritation to the skin as such a thing is a very rare occurrence with magnets. The magnets are usually made out of stainless steel.

Styles of Magnetic Earrings

You can find magnetic jewelry in as many styles as you would do in earrings for pierced ears. You can easily buy magnetic stud earrings, hip hop magnetic earrings, silver magnetic earrings, gold magnetic earrings, black magnetic earrings, hoop magnetic earrings, diamond magnetic earrings and many more.

The answer to where to buy magnetic earrings is online stores especially those that are present on Ebay where you can find fantastic bargains. They are also available in the majority of actual jewelry stores including in even some of the bigger retailers because of the mass popularity that these earrings have gained. Of course these magnetic earrings are not limited to only the fairer sex but are made for men as well. For men who would like to wear a stud in an ear but are completely averse to getting their ears pierced, these earrings offer a simple but marvelous solution.

Magnetic Earrings and The Prices

Magnetic earrings vary in price in the same way that normal earrings for pierced ears do. If you are buying a pair with diamonds in them, then obviously you will pay a price that factors in the size and quality of the diamond as well as the metal that it is set in. On the other hand if you are buying plastic earrings with semi precious stones or glass stones, then you might just have to pay a pittance for them.

Magnetic Earrings - Advantages and Disadvantages of Magnetic Earring

Magnetic Jewelry Earrings - Wearing a magnetic earring has its own advantages and disadvantages.