14k Gold Hoop Earrings - Why Every Girl Should Have Gold Hoop Earrings

14k gold hoop earrings are very popular. Every wardrobe should have at least a pair of 14k yellow gold or white gold hoop earrings.

How to choose hoop earrings that looks good on you

Hoop earrings are great accessories to have; they tend to add an instant flair to your entire outfit. But it can be kind of hard to choose hoop ear rings. You have to find one that fits your face shape and sets off just the right amount of attitude you’re going for. Smaller and thinner hoops look sophisticated, subtle, and elegant. But they are not as dramatic and flashy as thick and large hoops. If you want to make an eye-catching statement, these larger hoops are great. If you want something in between, go with mid-sized 2-inch hoops. Hoops are also great for people with elongated faces and long hair. For a great look, invest in some 14k gold hoop earrings.

Why go with a white gold hoop earring?

A white gold hoop earring is a very common type of hoop earring. This is not a surprise; white gold is quite popular among jewelries nowadays. White gold has an elegant and sleek look, is easy to pair with whatever color your outfit is in, and looks great with most skin types. It is also a great substitute for platinum; in fact, if you go with 14k white gold, you get something actually stronger than platinum. Aside from that, white gold is also coated with Rhodium, so it is safe to wear even for those who are allergic to metal alloys. So the 14k gold hoop ear rings are the result of a great combination of quality and style.

Choosing 14k hoop earrings

Whether you want white gold or 14k yellow gold hoop earrings, the 14k gold, which has 58.3% pure gold content, is a great choice. This is because 14k gold is:
  • harder than 18k, thus more durable
  • more resistant to scratches than 18k
  • relatively more affordable
Do you think your wardrobe needs some updating? A pair of 14k gold hoop earrings can actually do the trick.