Gold In Its Element

Gold is one of the most revered precious metals in the world. Uniquely being so dense and soft at the same time, and easily and conveniently being so ductile and malleable, it has found its most common and extensive use in making jewelry . However, through out recorded time it has been used as a platform for monetary exchange and has found uses in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well. The specialty of this stunning looking metal is in its versatility.

The Golden Era

When you think of jewelry, inevitably it is gold jewelry that comes to mind. Yes, there are several other metals and alloys that serve their purposes well as bases in jeweled items like copper, brass, silver etc but it is definitely gold that rules the heart. The variety is unlimited in jewelry and you can buy gold hoop earrings, gold stud earrings, gold rings and necklaces and chokers and what not.

You can also buy such jewelry in various forms of gold purity which enables a lot of people to save some money on their purchases. For example you can choose between the same design of earrings but different purity levels like choosing between buying 14k gold earrings, 9k gold earrings or 18k gold earrings.

The advantage of traditional gold is that its gorgeous color looks stunning with almost any precious or semi precious gemstone. This means that you have limitless choice as to what type of stone to get set in your jewelry items if the base is yellow gold. It will go well with dark blue sapphire and at the same time look equally outstanding with either a fiery ruby or blazing emeralds.

Colors of Gold

Gold isn’t available only in its lovely yellow sheen but also in several other colors, mainly white gold and rose gold. In the West, white gold is more popular as a setting for jewelry as opposed to the east where yellow gold is considered traditional and king. White gold is basically an alloy of yellow gold, made by mixing it with another metal like manganese or palladium. Rhodium is a metal that is often utilized in making white gold give an even whiter effect. In the same way there is rose gold, an alloy of gold with a beautiful pinkish tint. It is made by mixing yellow gold and copper. Rose gold jewelry is immensely popular all over the world especially in Russia where it is the most used form of gold.

Expensive Gold

Here, it is crucial to mention that though gold is one of the most popular options for people interested in jewelry, it can be quite expensive too. It is due this particular reason that people try to find different alternatives. However, if you want gold earrings and other jewelry without having to spend a lot of money, you can try different options, like you can try 14k gold instead of other expensive options. It means that if you proceed sensibly, you can still manage to find right jewelry pieces.

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