Gemstone Earrings and The Story of Gemstones

There is no denying the fact that gemstone earrings make a marvelous gift for any occasion. Gemstones, or gems as they are more commonly known, are like the crystalline versions of minerals. What sets them apart from normal minerals is the combination of their beauty and durability, as well as the value that many of them hold because of their rarity.

There are two main categories in which all gemstones fall: one is precious gemstones and the other is semi-precious gemstones. There are four precious gemstones namely diamond, sapphire, emeralds and rubies. All others are regarded as semi-precious gemstones. The main use of all gemstones however is the same, regardless of value: they are used far and wide in jewelry all over the world. Doesn’t matter how beautiful gold may look, its look is never complete without the presence of a magnificent gemstone. Sapphire gemstone stud earrings, for example, are stunning to behold if the sapphire quality is of the highest standards.

The Secret Behind Gemstones

All gemstones have a history and a meaning. Every month has its own birth stone which is said to affect the aura of the people born in that month. If nothing else, just having a gemstone as your own special stone because of the month you were born in is an attractive thought. Take the example of the gemstone diamonds used in gemstone earrings. There really is nothing like a diamond anywhere else in the world. They are not only iconic, but absolutely beautiful and they represent love in a way nothing else can.

Diamond rings or diamond gemstone earrings are traditionally presented at engagements as a symbol of attachment and commitment between two people who are to spend the rest of their lives together. Additionally their near indestructibility sets them apart from other gemstones as well giving them that extraordinary quality that has resulted in the saying ‘diamonds are forever’. 

The Power

Gemstones are said to have strange powers that cannot be wholly understood. Gemstones are used by believing people to ask for blessings and improvements in life. Take the example of the gorgeous moonstone. Moonstone is revered because people believe in its ability to help others to adapt to change easily and it is also said to channel your creativity. It is believed to both heal and improve skin conditions. Then there is the stunning newly discovered tanzanite. It is said to give people the power of confidence and individuality, as well as the quality of elegance. 

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is found and used all over the world. Both men and women wear it, and it is often given on celebrations of events to mark the special occasion. Women in the sub-continent wear heavy gemstone jewelry sets on their weddings. While gold features prominently in such sets, the price of gold is now so exorbitant that gemstones are taking over in importance. A pair of gemstone earrings or a gemstone necklace is often given to new mothers in this Asian region as well as a way of saying congratulations upon the birth of a baby.

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