Do Not Look Like a Slab on Your Day: Wear Beautiful Wedding Earrings

Not a lot of women know that the cardinal rule when dressing up during their own marriage is never to over accessorize; that is why a pair of wedding earrings is very important. You can do away with necklaces, bracelets, more so anklets and watches; but a gown will never be complete without the lovely dangling earrings. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the earrings you have chosen matches not only the theme of your gown but also your personality. They should be beautiful enough to capture the attention of the guests. Here are some of the great pieces you can choose:

Antique Wedding Earrings

It is time to rummage into your grandmother’s jewelry chest. You may just find antique wedding earrings, which are hard to come by these days unless you are willing to spend thousands of money. From Victorian, Edwardian, to Classical Twenties—surely, you can add a classic twist on your look come your wedding day. Most of these types of wedding earrings are composed of semi-precious stones such as jades and aquamarines, with ornate golden designs.

Pearl Wedding Earrings

Nothing else screams class and elegance than a pair of wedding earrings made from pearls. There are also different kinds of pearls to choose. The most expensive will be the natural pearls. They were taken off directly from the oysters and did not undergo any type of human intervention of process. These are the rarest you will ever find. There are also cultured pearls. They are still natural; however, man implants the irritant that allows the oysters to come up with the pearls. Most of the oysters are also kept in a more conditioned environment such as a farm. Some of the famous cultured pearls include Japanese such as Akoya and Mikimoto, freshwater, and saltwater. If you cannot afford to purchase earrings with real pearls, you can always settle for the imitations or replicas. They may look like pearls because of their shape and color, which is usually white, but the coating can be easily removed.

Chandelier Wedding Earrings

Women who love to flaunt their jewelry should wear this kind of earring. Chandeliers are meant to hang loosely on the soft part of your outer earlobe. They can be very long, almost reaching the shoulders, or quite short, which falls just a little above the jaw. No one will ever miss earrings of such size. Diamond chandelier earrings are the best, because of the value of the stones used in them. However, they can also be hefty. If you are looking for cheap wedding earrings, especially chandeliers, you have two options. You can rent the pair from the jewelry store or opt for those with fake diamonds.

Designer Wedding Earrings

You may reason out that your wedding only comes once in your life—hopefully—so you might as well splurge on your bridal earrings. A good option will be the designer wedding earrings such as those of Kay, Jared, and Beaverbrooks. They have a massive collection of designs you can pick, as well as best-quality earrings you can confidently wear on your big day.