Enjoy the Gorgeous Effect of a Two Tone Earring

What’s something special about a two tone earring? You know how some earrings are these days. They have become so elaborate, with the combination of a variety of materials and colors. Though they are cute, sometimes they can be unpleasant to look at. Nevertheless, you don’t want to stick with something so plane as a single-tone earring. To compromise, you can choose the two tone earring.

What’s a Two Tone Earring?

Its definition is already given in its name. Simply put the earrings are composed to two tones or shades. These colors can be anything from pink to red, from black to white, or from yellow to orange. The key here is there are only two colors involved. The good thing about having two colors is it’s easier for you to match the earrings to what you wear or even your mood. The earrings become multipurpose. Moreover, they are more appealing to look at since there are not a lot of shades playing in front of your eyes. They are also stylish yet elegant and classy.

What Are Your Options?

The most common two tone earring pairs are the two tone gold earrings. This is because gold is available in a variety of hues. You have the white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, to name a few. It’s therefore convenient to play around with these colors to come up with two tone earrings. Speaking of gold, you’ll find two tone earring 14kt, which is considered hypoallergenic and affordable than the others, as well as the two tone gold huggie earrings, which are a favorite among men. The earrings are fashionable, but they still appear masculine. Another good combination is the black and white earring. How do you come up with this? You can have a silver hoop with black diamond accents. Another is to have an earring with a diamond as the centrepiece and onyx as the accents. If there are huggies, there are also two tone hoop earrings. These are recommended for men and women who want to be more flamboyant and expressive with regards to their jewelry pieces. On the other hand, if you want an easy-to-wear pair, look for a clip on earring. To wear the earring, you simply need to clip the jewelry to your earlobe. There’s no need to secure it with a screwback or attach it through a hook.

Buying a Two Tone Earring

Almost all jewelry stores carry two tone earrings. You simply need to do your research well. If you’re planning to buy the pair online, then make sure that the website can be trusted. It’s advisable you get it from one that offers a money-back guarantee or a full refund if the jewelry isn’t what you expect. Depending on your choice, the earrings can be quite expensive. You can pay less by waiting for a sale, when the price drops to as much as 50 percent. Another option is to go for a lay-away plan. Pay the earrings in installment basis then get them when you’ve already settled your due.