Why You Should Wear Screw Earrings

If you are looking for a thorough explanation why you should don on screw earrings, then you have come to the right place. Though there are several other types of earrings out there, such as hoop and dangle, many still opt for the screwback earring for a lot of reasons.

The backing secures the earrings.

Are you currently living a very active lifestyle? The danger with hooks and clip-ons is that they can fall off with constant movements. Before you know it, you no longer have one of the pair, and it will be too difficult for you to wear the earrings again.

Though it is definitely a hassle to install and remove the backing from the back of the earlobes, somehow it makes you feel secure, knowing that there is a very slim chance you are going to lose your earrings even when you are running or even swimming.

Children can wear them.

If you are training your kid on earrings, then the best option will be the screw earrings. Children are very active. They run and play around, scratch their earlobes once in a while, and can sometimes be pretty careless, not paying attention to what they are currently wearing. This will also prevent them from immediately removing the earrings and then misplacing them in the process.

There are different designs to choose.

Most of the screw earrings are also called screw stud earrings. This is because stud requires the use of backing to hold the jewelry piece in place. Moreover, studs are generally small.

Today, you will find dangling or drop earrings that can also be secured through backing. You can wear them when you want to glam up or appear more feminine. The drop earrings look lovely when worn with a gown or a lovely summer dress.

The earrings can also be made of different kinds of materials. The screwback earrings can be gold screw earrings of different karats. The cheapest will be those with the smallest number, such as 2 karats. The gold material can be white gold, pure gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

You can also choose screw back pearl earrings, with pearls either fresh or cultured. The pearls may also be gold pearls. This means that pearls are coated with a certain kind of gold to give them sheen or luster.

How to Choose Your Screw Earrings

Before you start shopping for a screwback earring, make sure that you already have a piercing. You may have to proceed to a jeweler who can create a hole into the earlobes, which allows the screw to pass through.

Select a design you are comfortable wearing. As mentioned, there are plenty of them. You can go hip, classy, elegant, sophisticated, casual, and chic with them. In fact, you can find literal screw earrings, if you want to be too specific about them.

See to it that the materials used are completely hypoallergenic. Stay away from those that contain nickel, since they are known to be very irritating to wearers.