Be Bold and Daring with Peacock Earrings

If you want to be bold and take some risks with your earrings, then you should sport the peacock earrings. Not many would like to wear them, and not all of those who do look good in them. They demand a certain type of fashion style and most of all attitude to really stand out well.

What are peacock earrings?

Before we get to know the different styles available for the peacock feather earrings, let’s get to know what they are first. They are called as such since almost all of them are made from real or natural peacock feathers. Now before you accuse them of unethical treatments of animals, know that they don’t even pluck these feathers from the peacock. It’s nature of these fowls to shed their feathers, especially during the fall. What earring makers normally do is to simply collect them in zoos (with the permission of the keepers, of course). If not, they source out private peacock breeders within the state. Though you’ll find more women sporting peacock earrings not just in formal affairs but also in casual dresses, they were first used as a costume wear, especially if the person has to depict a tribe. History tells us that many of these tribes, especially the leaders, would wear jewelry pieces and headpieces with feathers.

Designs of Peacock Earrings

These days, you’ll come across peacock dangles. These are the ones with a single large and sometimes thin peacock feather hanging from the earlobes. They are usually not adorned since they are already beautiful at their own right. However, may are still looking for wider options, and they are not disappointed. You can also search for peacock pearl earrings. The peacock feathers are combined with pearls—you choose whatever hue you prefer—for a more elegant and classic look. The silver peacock isn’t really real feathers. The metal silver is being used and fashioned to look like the typical feather of the peacock. If it’s not silver, then it’s gold. The beaded peacock feather earrings can be two things. First they are natural feathers with beads, or they are beads patterned according to normal peacock feather patterns.

How to Make Peacock Earrings

Though you can purchase a pair, sometimes you want creativity to rule. You want to create your own peacock earrings. Now what should you do? First you need to look for feathers. We’ve already told you where to find them. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to do that, you can now buy a kit or a pack in arts and crafts stores. These packs are composed of a variety of feathers, including the peacock feathers. Second, gather the other materials you need. You may require bendable or easy-to-twist wires, as well as pliers and wire cutters. You also have to come up with a pattern first, so you’ll have a guide. If you want to find some inspiration, you can search for some styles online. {h}How to Go Cheap with Peacock Jewelry{/h} The peacock earrings can be expensive, especially if they are adorned or combined with precious stones, pearls, and crystals, to name a few. You can buy them cheap, though, if you opt for wholesale buying or if you settle for synthetic peacock feathers.