Discover the Benefits of Non Pierced Earrings

Non pierced earrings are more useful than you think. Although pierced earrings are obviously the norm, non-pierced ones are very important accessories. In fact, even if you do have an earring piercing, you can use a non-pierced ear accessory to complete your wardrobe.

Accessorizing without an earring piercing

So how far can a pair of non pierced earrings go?

  • Some people just don’t like needles. Thus, they can’t get piercings. But they can accessorize with some non pierced ear accessories.
  • Some people do not want piercings or can’t have them for one reason or another. Some even have religious reasons for refusing piercings.
  • Some people are prone to allergic reactions when wearing pierced earrings. This can be avoided by using non-pierced ones instead. Other health and safety issues such as the appearance of keloids after a piercing can also be avoided.
  • A non pierced earring allows you to wear multiple earrings without having to get new piercings.
  • Are your piercings filled in? You don’t have to worry; there are non pierced accessories for you.
  • You can also wear non pierced ear accessories higher up on the ear without having to get the painful cartilage piercing.

Must-know facts about an earring piercing

An earring piercing, just like any other body piercing type, will always have risks. Earring piercings, however, are the safest type. Still, there are certain things to remember when getting a piercing on your ear.

  • Go to a good and credible piercing center where you can sure you won’t pick up an infection from. A bad pierce can cause uncontrollable bleeding, skin allergies, and pus-infected boils. Some major dangers include tetanus, HIV, chronic ear infection, and even nerve damage.
  • Do not move or touch your piercing after the procedure. Allow it to heal first.
  • Be careful not to get the new earring caught on anything.
  • Do not go swimming yet. The chlorine can cause the piercing to become dry, and makes it vulnerable to tearing up.

Different non pierced earring styles

So what options do you have if you don’t want piercings?

Non pierced earrings come in large numbers and styles. There are:

  1. clip on earrings
  2. magnetic earrings
  3. leverback earrings
  4. screw on earrings

There are also non-pierced accessories in various styles such as drop earrings, chandelier earrings, stud earrings, and even hoop earrings. So you can definitely play around with your non pierced earrings to create a fashion statement.

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