Be More Unique with Name Earrings

What better way to show you’re proud of yourself than to wear name earrings. These are earrings with words spelled out, such as your personal name. They can come in wide varieties of styles, such as hoops and studs. You can also make use of precious stones including diamonds as accents.

How to Have Personalized Name Earrings

There are two ways on how you can own name earrings. If you have a very common name, such as John or Mary, there’s a huge chance that you can already find a ready-made one. All you have to do is to purchase the pair. However, many of those who like to have these types of earrings go for a more personalized route. They look for a jeweler or a professional who can create the name earring for them. By doing so they have more freedom on the look, as well as the name they want to use for the earrings.

Choosing the Designs

As mentioned, you can find almost all sorts of styles for the name earrings, but there are those that are considered to be very popular. You have the heart name earrings. It is called as such because the name right inside the heart, perhaps to signify the love for self. There are also bamboo earrings. The earrings themselves are not made of bamboos per se—they may even come in gold, silver, or platinum—but they’re made to look like tiny bamboos attached together. Like in the heart earrings, the name may be found within the bamboo structure. You can also opt for the nameplate, which could be the simplest of them all. The nameplate earring just consists of a malleable material curved and straightened to spell out your name. The earrings can also be hoops, with the name found in the middle of the hoop or a stud, which usually goes with the nameplate.

Name Earrings for Men

Usually it’s the girls who love to wear name earrings, but because of the appearance of newer designs, a lot of boys have already followed suit. Name earrings for man are normally nameplates, because they are no hassle, and they don’t have a lot of accents, which are very common among female earrings. Many men would also opt for platinum or silver earrings. You may also find them wearing name stud earrings.

Various Makes of Name Earrings

Besides the design or pattern, the name earring may also differ in terms of the materials used. Commonly you will find gold name earrings, especially 14k and 18k. These are also ideal for men and women who have very sensitive ears (those prone to allergic reactions and infection). These types of gold are usually considered hypoallergenic. You will also find some of them are made of platinum, which makes them last for a very long time. You can adorn name earrings in a variety of ways. The ladies, though, would almost always request for diamonds (such as diamond-studded name plates) to make sure their name truly glitters.

Buying Earrings with Name

If you want to buy cheap name earrings, you can wait for sale to happen. You can also scour for jewellers first and compare their prices for personalized services.