Leaf Earrings: It’s All about Love, Luck, and Beauty

If you’re tired of the usual patterns of earrings, then you can go for leaf earrings. It’s also an added bonus to know that they can stand for a lot of good things, from luck to beauty and love.

Let’s Begin with Your Options

Leaf earrings-so you think they’re very limited with regards to style? No, they are not. For one, you can buy earrings based on metals such as silver leaf earrings and gold leaf earrings. These are also a lot better than the nickel earrings since they are completely hypoallergenic. In fact, you can let your baby girl wear them. You can also base your choice according to what they stand. The maple leaf earrings can symbolize love and sexual pleasure. This is the reason why they are best offered by men to their partners. They may also be used as amulets, to protect the wearer from demons and bad luck. The four leaf clover earrings, meanwhile, mean luck. Stemming from an Irish belief, the four-leaf clover is rare it’s considered good luck if you find one. According to the stories too, you present the treacherous leprechauns with the leaf to get rid of them. The pot leaf earrings have been subject to debates. The most conservative ones find them offensive or vulgar, but if you’re just simply looking for unique bling-blings, then these are the ones you’re looking for. As their name suggests, the pot leaf earrings are patterned according to marijuana leaves. Then you have the filigree earrings, which have become popular during the late nineteenth century. They are considered intricate since almost always it’s just wires that you’re using to create the design. The more elaborate ones have emeralds or other precious stones attached to them. Some leaf earrings are created by well-known designers such as the ginkgo earrings of Michael Michaud.

Can You Create Your Own Leaf Earrings?

Perhaps you’re feeling a little creative, so you’re wondering, “Can I have some handmade leaf earrings?” Of course, you can. All the materials you need are just around the corner. You can have some beads, crystal, and precious stones. You can also have wood and even pearls, as well as a real leaf. You simply need to dry it up and preserve it well to ensure it doesn’t lose its form. If you are looking for inspiration, you can check out a design online. You can also find patterns sold in arts and crafts stores. It’s also possible to just buy ready-made leaves then just combine them with other materials you have chosen. If you want to create filigree, you can look for a wire you can bend, twist, shaped like your desired leaf.

How to Buy Leaf Earrings

There’s really no hard and fast rule in purchasing these types of earrings, only that you get it from reputable jewelry stores. Make sure that you can get a certification of authenticity or from reliable labs such as GIA if you’re buying those earrings with precious stones like diamonds.