Parents: What to Do with Kids Earrings

Perhaps it is one of the times that you dread, when your little girl will approach you and say, “I want one of those kids earrings.” You may then ask yourself, “Is she quite young for that?” Do not worry, you are not the only parent who has been forced to answer that question, among others. You should know, though, that a lot of moms and dads had said yes but only after they followed certain guidelines.

Know the Reason

A parent should have a very clear idea on why the daughter would want a children's jewelry. Sometimes it is essential, especially if she is going to sport earrings for most of her adult life. Unless she will be using clips, most definitely, she needs to hook and insert earrings in her earlobes. She needs to have holes where she can place each of the pair. Having her ears pierced early will ensure she will not have a hard time wearing earrings later. However, some kids would like them simply because their friends do. Saying yes immediately may mean you are promoting the practice of keeping up with the Joneses. The decision to have her ears pierced should not be based on somebody else's thinking or action but hers.

Decide What to Get

There is a wide variety of kids earrings to choose. Thus, as a parent, you will not end up spending a lot of your time knowing which one to get for your kid. Nevertheless, be mindful of your choices. Kids magnetic earrings allow your daughter to wear a pair without getting pierced, much like a clip-on, but these cannot be worn for such a long time since they can later hurt. Some may even develop headaches. If your daughter is ready for an ear piercing, the best choice will be the children's screw back earrings. As their name suggests, these earrings have backings. The earrings will not easily fall off from the earlobes despite their constant movements.

Use Precious Jewelry Pieces on Special Occasions

Is it normal to get kids earrings made of diamonds or children's gold earrings? The answer is yes. In fact, many parents do this so they can leave some form of legacy or heirloom to their daughters. Yu need to know, however, when they should be worn or used. These types of jewelry pieces, because of their worth, should be used by kids only on special events, such as weddings, birthdays, and perhaps graduation. Otherwise, they must be kept inside a jewelry box, hidden away from their prying eyes.

Be Mindful of Allergic Reactions

Children's earrings are beautiful and can be very stylish—until the kids develop allergic reactions to them. Know what kinds of components or materials would normally trigger such problems. To give you an idea, stay away from gold earrings that contain nickel. This is already banned since it almost always starts allergies to wearers, even to adults. Plastic earrings can also be irritating to the skin.

Teach Them Responsibility

As a last thought, here is the beauty of letting your kids wear earrings: you can teach them how to be responsible. For cheap earrings, you can let them keep them, with the commitment that she will remain organized and make sure they do not get damaged.