Why Huggies Earrings Appeal to Women

What are huggies earrings? Most of all, why are women getting crazy about them?

Defining Huggies Earrings

Huggie earrings border between a stud and a chandelier. They look like a stud since you still need to insert them into your earlobes. However, instead of using backings, you connect the sharp tip of the earrings to the hinge. Thus, you secure the earrings. They are also like chandeliers since they hang loose. The only difference is that they never go into the shoulders or the jaw. Rather, they are very close to the earlobes. They are also made of very thick materials and very small. There are plenty of reasons why women love the huggie hoop earrings. First, they are very convenient to wear. Studs can sometimes be tiresome, since you need to get rid of the backing first before you can finally remove the earrings. It is the reverse process when putting the pair on. You can get rid of that with these earrings. The hinge makes it easier for you to remove the earrings when you no longer want to wear them. The hinge also makes it more secure than the backing, which can sometimes fall off without your knowledge. Huggies earrings can be worn all the time. They are a perfect match to your little black dress or very elegant gown. You can sport suits and long pants with them, as well as tight-fitted jeans and shirts, with a pair of boots. Even men can wear them. Mens huggie earrings are usually made of silver, since the guys do not really love a lot of ornaments and accents on their earrings. However, because of the smallness of the huggies, they can comfortably wear these jewelry pieces. They are also not a hassle to wear at all. One disadvantage of hoops and dangles is they can sometimes create movements even in times when you do not want them to do so. They can also get entangled with other jewelry pieces such as your necklace or your very own clothing, especially when you are changing and you forgot to remove the earrings.

Two Great Options for Huggies

Huggies can be made of plastics, if you want to buy them cheap. However, most women are prone to allergic reactions with them. Moreover, they do not really showcase the real charm, flexibility, and beauty of these earrings. When you are thinking of purchasing huggies, you may want to consider two: gold huggie earrings and diamond huggie earrings. The gold huggie earrings can be yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. If you are too concerned about the price, you can settle for those with a smaller karat, say 2 karats. On the other hand, the loose diamonds may be used to decorate the hoops, giving them their own style and class.

Be Very Different

The design of the huggies can make you very unique. You do not have to feel trapped with the usual conventions such as drops and studs. You can look casual, cool, chic, class, and stylish all at the same time.