Show Your Creative Side via Handmade Earrings

There may be some misconceptions about handmade earrings, but one of thing is for sure: they are highly creative and can be extremely intricate or elaborate. What’s more, you can create your own pair without a fuss.

Handmade Earrings: The Different Designs

A lot of people think that handcrafted earrings are made by hands alone. Not really. Usually you use special tools such as plies and cutters, to name a few. However, they are still called as such since your main tool is still the pair of hands. This is in complete contrast with other pieces of jewelry where complex and even heavy equipment are being used. Just because they are handmade does not have to mean they are very limited. Today you will see a wide variety of patterns and styles. You have the handmade silver earrings and handmade gold earrings. Silver is actually easy to manipulate, and gold is a malleable metal. You can also choose to purchase silver and gold ornaments that may be sold now in packs. The earrings may also bear some meaning such as the Celtic earrings. These are triquetra, triskelion, three rays, single and triple spiral, and fivefold. These are actually easy designs, and you can find patterns online. The good news is you only need wires to come up with them. But to save time, you can just immediately purchase ready0made ones. You can also make handmade earrings using other raw materials available, such as wood and pearl. Pick among the beaded earrings, hoop and chandelier, crystal and filigree earrings. Handmade earrings for women are longer than those that are intended for men..

How to Make Earrings

Your handmade earrings don’t have to be complex. You can begin by researching the different handmade earrings ideas. You can buy patterns in arts and crafts stores or download them in several websites. You also need to procure some tools such as pliers and wire cutters, as well as raw materials like wires and beads. You don’t need to buy them. As for the wires, you want to look for those that are easy to bend or twist (particularly if you’re creating hoops). These techniques are especially necessary if you are making filigree earrings. Moreover, depending on what types of earrings you want to create, you can now purchase hooks and even studs. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re making the earrings. First, make sure that there are no protruding tips that can injure your or the wearer’s ear. It’s also essential you can attach the materials and secure the hook or stud properly, so they don’t easily fall off.

Buying Handmade Earrings

There are many reasons why buying handmade jewelry pieces is a good idea. First, you can support small-scale industries. Second, they have more meaning and sentiment since manufacturers exert more effort and time on them. How do you know that they are handmade? You can see that the parts are just attached to one another.