Hammered Earrings: Go for Simplicity

What is the nice thing about hammered earrings? As they say, simplicity is beauty. When it comes to your earrings, you may want to settle for pieces that are considered to be very basic but classic. They are the ones that do not fade away simply because they are also not related to trends. Most of all, you can make them on your own, allowing you to personalize the look of your earrings.

How to Have Hammered Earrings

Hammered earrings are actually wires that have been hammered with a mallet or any preferred hammer to form a shape. It is very important that the metal used is very flexible but does not get damaged or split easily such as sterling silver. The design of the hammered metal is already enough for an earring. You can create a clasp out of the hammered wire, or you can attach clip-ons or a post for screw-backs. You may also opt for hooks.

The Various Designs to Pick

When it comes to hammered earrings, you have got plenty of choices. You have the hammered silver earrings and hammered copper earrings. Pure silver, however, is not the one used since it is very soft. Instead, you can opt for the sterling silver, which is composed of copper and silver. The combination makes the silver pliable but sturdy enough to sustain the hammering. Copper wires, meanwhile, are already flexible. If you are willing to splurge, there are hammered gold hoops as well as hammered earrings 14K. The wire itself is made from pure gold. You can also create your own hammered hoop earrings by using gold, sterling silver, copper, or any easy-to-manipulate metal. You would just require a tool to shape the hoop, a wire, pliers, and mallets and hammers. To create the hoops, you shape the wire to your preferred hoop size. To make sure that it is a perfect hoop, you make use of the shaping tool. While it is attached there, you can already hammer the wire. So you can have the clasp, you can then utilize the pliers.

Own a Pair of Hammered Earrings

You already know the two ways on how to have these hammered earrings. If you want to get it for free, then you can simply create your own. You can look for any metal which you think you can easily shape. However, ensure that the metal you choose is considered hypoallergenic. You want to avoid developing infection or allergic reactions to your earrings. If you are unsure of what you are doing, it is best to leave the work to the professional. If you do not have the tools you need, you can look for a jeweler studio. You can also purchase cheap hammered jewelry pieces online. All you need to do is to take a look into their catalogue and decide for yourself which pair you wish to own. To give yourself consumer protection, though, buy them in a website that has a money-back guarantee. When you want no-frills but beautiful earrings, opt for the hammered ones.