Discover the Ways to Gauge Earrings

What are gauge earrings? Why are they considered to be mens way of body modification? Why are women following suit? How do you do it? These are just some of the many questions you have about gauged earrings. The questions are completely acceptable. After all, you’re used to seeing nice-and-dandy earrings, those whose posts or hooks can fit into the very tiny hole of the earrings. Stretching the ears is considered far-fetched. But then that’s the main idea of gauging. It is a process of stretching the skin of the earlobe to accommodate the earrings, which are actually more like rings or thick posts. Gauging is done by using needles of a variety of sizes. Usually the earrings are permanent.

Gauge Earrings: Options

There are various kinds of earrings you can use when you are gauging. You can have the handmade earrings, just in case you want to be very creative. Nevertheless, this should be a road you take when you’re already familiar with the process. Gauging can cause a lot of trouble, including medical (think of infection). Unless you’re sure about it leave the kind of earring to use to the professional. There are also organic gauged earrings if you want to be more earth friendly. They are normally made of wood and carry a tribal theme. You may also find some cool ones that are made from metals such as sterling silver. A lot, though, are plastic or acrylic. If you’re too scared of having gauge earrings but would want to give the impression you have the biggest ring in town, check out the fake ones. They actually require only a very small piercing on the ears. Another is the magnetic earring, which is secured into the ears through magnets.

Sizes of Gauge Earrings

It is highly recommended to begin the gauge sizes small. Normally the earlobes would require 18 or 20 gauge needles. You can also begin with 14 gauge earrings. The sizes of the gauges, however, increase as their numeral counterpart goes down. Some of the gauge sizes are expressed in terms of inches or fractions. There are available charts online. It’s possible to automatically go for the bigger holes, but it’s still best to slowly stretch the skin. Otherwise, it would be very hard, if not impossible, to shrink the ear skin later.

Buying Gauge Earrings

In the World Wide Web, you can already find all sorts of designs for gauge earrings. As mentioned, though, it is suggested that you’re properly guided by a professional who really knows about gauges for ears. You want to have your ears stretched first before you start looking for a design. It’s also recommended that you know your ears very well. Your ears can be very sensitive. If you place the wrong earring, you may suffer from an infection that would warrant a surgical procedure or place your health on the line. A pair of gauge earrings can make you look cool and funky, but never compromise your health in the process.