Filigree Earrings: Be Artsy with Fashion

Not a lot of people know that filigree earrings or at least the concept of making one—are very old. However, many women still dig them because of their unique, eccentric, and artsy designs. Filigree is actually a style of making the earrings. It is defined as the twisting, bending, and manipulating of wires into intricate designs. If you’re truly creative, you can already produce filigree earrings by means of wires alone. However, there are others who love to incorporate other elements, including precious stones and metals. Filigree earrings are probably some of the oldest types in the world. During the 1800s to the 1900s, they were extremely popular. In fact, during the Edwardian Era, they became a symbol of status and sometimes nobility. Jewellers as well as owners had a grand time coming up with the most flamboyant styles.

Filigree Earrings: Styles

You’ll never run out of options for filigree earrings. You can choose those that are chandelier, circle, and drop. You’ll also come across with filigree hoop earrings. The earrings may also have their own color themes. For example, the black filigree earrings may be composed of black pearls or diamonds. Moreover, they may be adorned with onyx, a stone that became such a favorite for early makers of filigree. You can also opt for those that make use some of the best metals in the world. The gold filigree earrings are valued because of their karat. They are also highly ornate they can make any simple gown to look very stunning. If you want to be more casual or prefer buying cheaper earrings, there’s a pair of sterling silver filigree earrings. The most coveted, however, are the antique filigree earrings. They are the ones that have been produced as far back as the late nineteenth century. You can also search for those earrings that became popular during the 1920s, the birth of art deco, as well as the 1930s to the 1940s.

How to Make Filigree Earrings

These types of earrings may look complicated, but they don’t have to be too difficult to make. After all, there are already patterns you can download online. You can also rely on your own creativity and resourcefulness. You simply need to have bendable wires. You also need certain tools like tweezers, hand pliers, and cutters. You also need to choose what type of filigree you prefer. The most common is openwork, where only wires are used to create various patterns. However, there are times when a metal surface is attached to the hook; then the wires and other materials for styling are glued to the surface.

How to Purchase Filigree Earrings/h2> You can decide to put some meaning to the earrings. For example, if you want to show your soft side, you can purchase those with flower design. If you like the idea of being free, there’s the bird filigree. You can also base your earrings according to budget. Getting a 14k is definitely more expensive than purchasing a pair with a lot of beads and semi-precious stones.