How to Look Good and Safe with Earrings for Sensitive Ears

What are earrings for sensitive ears for? A lot of people do have very sensitive ears. No, we are not talking about getting tingly when you wear the pair. This means that if you have sensitive ears, you are more prone to allergic reactions and infections because of your earrings.

Why You Need to Use Sensitive Ears Earrings

Just because they are cute does not necessarily mean they are worth wearing. Infections and allergies can affect all types of people—from kids to men and women. When you are allergic to your earrings, you will suffer from itchiness and swelling. Infection may mean that bacteria have already settled into your ear. If you do not treat the problem immediately, the allergies and infection will worsen and will get deeper into the ears. You will suffer from more serious medical issues. Those ear infections that are serious may be treated by means of surgical procedures. For example, targus, which is found at the outer portion of the canal, may get infected because of the barbell earring. When it is infected severely, it may have to be removed.

Best Earrings for Sensitive Ears

Now you know the importance of wearing earrings that are ideal for sensitive ears, you want to have the answer to the question, what kind of earrings for sensitive ears? There are actually a lot of good choices. The earrings for sensitive ears may be nickel free earrings. Nickel is one of the most common types of materials that can cause allergic reactions to the wearer. The ears will immediately swell up, as well as become red and itchy. Some metals or materials, on the other hand, are deemed hypoallergenic. You have those that are alloys or a combination of the main material and another metal. These include the stainless steel (chromium and steel) and sterling silver (silver and copper). Titanium is also a good earring to use when you have sensitive ears. If you are fond of gold, then you are lucky. Those that have 14 and 18K are considered very friendly to the ears. You may also want to wear a clip on instead of a screw back. This way, you can remove the earrings immediately when not in use or when you sense that something is off with your ears. Screw-backs also tend to trap dirt, oil, and even hair into the ears, causing the ears to develop infection or allergic reactions.

How to Buy Earrings for Sensitive Ears

One of the very first requirements when you are buying hypoallergenic earrings is to never consider the price. Just because it is cheap does not mean it is worth the purchase. A lot of them may be made of substandard materials. Meanwhile, not all those who claim allergic-free earrings are truly hypoallergenic. Again, you need to determine the materials used for the earrings. When you are buying online, ensure you can get a money-back guarantee. Just in case it does not match your expectations or the claim is deceiving, you can return the items and have your money back.