Be the Most Beautiful with Dangle Earrings

What are dangle earrings? How can they improve the way you look?

Defining Dangles

Dangles are earrings that hang from the earlobes. They can be a drop earring, chandelier, hoop, or semi-hoop. Dangles usually have a base, which can be a stud. A stud earring is one that has a small post inserted into the ear hole. It is secured by means of a leverback or a screwback. The dangling earrings can also be worn through clip-ons. The earrings are clipped directly into the earlobes without creating any ear holes. Drop earrings are those that are allowed to drop from the base. They hang straight and stiff; they should not sway every time you move. The drop earrings can be both long and short. They also appear simpler than the other kinds of dangles. They simply have a charm or a stone at the tip of the earring. Another kind of dangle is the chandelier, which is very elaborate or flamboyant in design. It can be short and long, but it is usually made up of several levels or branches. The chandelier earrings consist of charms, beads, crystals, or other precious stones. Unlike drop earrings, the dangles are made to hang loose, so they do sway when you walk. Hoops are circular earrings that are made up of a post at one end and a clasp on the other. To wear them, you simply need to insert the post into the ear hole and secure it with the clasp. Sometimes hoops have clip-ons, so you can wear them even without ear holes. Hoops are normally big, but they can also be very small, almost touching the earlobes. These are called huggies. A lot of women want them because they can be studded with precious stones such as diamonds. But they can also be mens’ earrings since they look very simple and cool. There are also semi-hoops, which normally don’t have any clasp. To keep the hoops in place, the earrings come with a screwback. A very specific kind of dangle is the teardrop earrings. It is called as such since the stone is cut like a teardrop.

Fabulous Choices for Dangle Earrings

There are great dangles to choose from, depending on your personal style. For example, go for dangle hoop earrings for a more casual appearance. If you’re fond of attending more formal events, it’s best to keep diamond dangle earrings close by. The pearl earrings dangle are perfect for those who are planning to get married. You can also take a pick on the charms and stones found on the dangles. Some of the popular ones are crystal, gemstones such as amethyst, and beads that come in wide array of colors such as pink and red. For vintage lovers, there are antique dangles. {h}Dangle Earrings for Sensitive Ears{/h} Not everyone is tolerant with any kind of earrings. You for one may have sensitive ears. Fortunately, there are hypoallergenic dangles, mainly, sterling silver dangle earrings and gold dangle earrings.

Buying Dangle Earrings

A lot of dangle earrings are cheap, but you can always buy them in bulk so you can take advantage of huge discounts.