Cool Jewelry Earrings - Strut with the Funky and Cool Earrings

Cool earrings make the perfect substitutes to the more formal and definitely less funky gold and pearl earrings. What’s more, there are plenty of designs to pick, so one can be chic and casual as often as he or she likes.

Cool Earrings for Girls

Girls don’t have to be pretty and dandy all the time. They can be like the guys too: edgy, very fun, and spontaneous. They simply need to sport the right kinds of cool earrings. How does a girl look for the right funky earrings for herself? The design should be quite unique without losing its feminine touch. One of the best choices will probably be hoops earrings made from silver or any plastic material. It would be fun if the colors are bright, such as flashing red or neon green or bright pink. They can also be like Jennifer Lopez during those times she was singing “Jenny from the Block” and “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” She loves to wear the bling-blings, those hoop earrings that reach almost the shoulders. These types of earrings can be worn together with daisy duke shorts, gladiator shoes, and plaid shirt. Girls love anything sweet and cute, so they may also want to wear earrings from Hello Kitty and Betty Boop. They can also wear ice cream earrings, heart earrings, dolphin earrings, and slipper earrings. Vintage earrings can also be cool earrings too, especially if you’re going to choose those Victorian and Edwardian pieces. They are very elaborate and flamboyant, composed with different accents and ornate gold metals. You don’t have to be scared about not being on trend, since, as you can see, older fashion trends are coming back.

Where to Find Them

You can rummage for these types of earrings in antique shops and in old jewelry stores. Most of them do keep certain jewelry pieces that are hard to sell because they are already old. You may also check out the jewelry boxes of your mom or grandmother. If they look very ancient for taste, you can always enhance their appearance by changing the old stones to more recent ones such as zirconia.

Cool Male Earrings

It’s not only the women who can enjoy cool earrings. Even men can sport cool jewelry without ever losing their masculinity. Cool men earrings may include studs. These are types of earrings that have backings to secure the earrings in place. They usually don’t function like hoops or teardrops that hang loose into the shoulders. The earrings just remain on the earlobes. Huggies can also be cool earrings for guys. Though usually worn by women, men prefer huggies because they are more emphasized than the studs in a way that the hoop becomes more noticeable. The only difference is that it’s just going to be a very small hoop, so it doesn’t appear to be too feminine. Men also love magnetic earrings because they can place them anywhere: eyebrows, tongue, lips, nose, and even the septum. They also don’t have to compromise their ears for piercing just to get some earrings.