How Do Wear Your Cartilage Earrings Well

What are cartilage earrings? A lot of people have a very limited idea when it comes to ear piercing. Usually if you’re going to get yourself pierced on the ears, the earrings are attached to the earlobes. Earrings that are attached to the cartilage are more complicated, and there are some risks involved.

What Is a Cartilage?

The upper portion of the ear is often referred to as the cartilage. There are different types of cartilage piercing, depending on which part you’re inserting the earring. The most common is the helix piercing. The helix is sensitive, but it offers flexibility on the types of earrings you can use. It can be either gauge or cartilage stud earrings. You can also attach cartilage dangle earrings. A subvariant is industrial piercing. The helix piercing is perforated two times, and you place the same or another kind of earring into the hole. There’s conch piercing, which can be either inner or outer conch. Another popular cartilage piercing is the targus piercing. The targus is the conspicuous fleshy fold found on the outer ear. If you’re attaching an earring to the fold that’s closest to the canal, you’re doing daith piercing.

What Are Your Options?

What makes cartilage earrings even more exciting is, besides looking real trendy, you can take a pick among a wide array of designs. If you want to wear a pair of gauge earrings, the best choice will be the 20 gauge. (As the earring becomes thicker, the gauge number goes down.) You can also wear cartilage hoop earrings, as well as a barbell. It is called as such since two balls are attached to a rod, resembling a barbell. One of the balls can be removed, so you can insert the earring into the ear hole. Girls who are into cartilage piercing choose cute cartilage earrings. If not, they buy clip on cartilage earrings. This way, they can still retain their femininity. The older ones, those who are around 30 years old, are usually into gold cartilage earrings.

Cartilage Earrings: Things to Remember

First, there’s really no such thing as exclusive mens cartilage earrings. Majority of the styles can already be worn by women—and they look good at them. Second, cartilage piercing makes you more prone to infection. No matter how cool they look like, if you develop allergic reactions, you need to remove the earrings as soon as possible. One of the most affected parts is the targus. Those with severe cases of infection need to undergo surgery and have their targus removed. If you have sensitive ears, choose for ear-friendly earrings, such as those made from sterling silver and titanium. They are considered to be hypoallergenic. Would you like to look very funky without any ear hole on the cartilage? You can wear fake earrings. Keep your ears healthy at all times, especially if you’re into cartilage piercing. Allow a professional to attach the earrings for you. Watch out for any sign of infection. Usually the affected area becomes hot and red as well as tender to touch.