Black Earrings: No, They’re Not Mainly Gothic

It seems like a lot of people have the wrong perception about black earrings. Just because the color of the stone is dark doesn’t necessarily mean it’s very Gothic. In fact, it’s very elegant, classy, and sometimes pricey, depending on the black stone used.

Black Earrings: Some Materials Used

How do you come up with black earrings? There are three known materials: onyx, black diamond, and the Tahitian pearl. The black onyx earrings are sold with the stone onyx. It’s actually a type of quartz and doesn’t have to be available in pure black. The shade can sometimes be gray, brown, or even white. However, the black color is the most common. The onyx is often fashioned as a cabochon, which means it’s polished than faceted. A variation of the onyx is called sardonyx. To differentiate the two, the latter displays a band of color. The stone has been around for a lot of years. It’s been used by the ancient Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks. It’s been mentioned in the Bible a number of times. You can also buy black diamond earrings. Black diamond is also known as carbonado and is formed from the alluvial deposits of mines found in Brazil and Central Africa. It is also polycrystalline, which means it has very small black crystals, and porous. Though the color is black, other hues can also be found, including dark gray and brown. The black earrings may also have Tahitian pearls. Contrary to popular belief, these are not South Sea pearls, and they don’t have to really come from Tahiti. In fact, there are no pearl farms in Tahiti but are scattered across French Polynesia. Nevertheless, Tahiti is the main trading hub for the pearls. The pearls are produced by Pinctada margaritifera, a kind of black pearl oyster. The pearls can differ in terms of luster, shape, and size.

Black Earrings for Women

A lot of the ladies dig the black earrings since they can go well with almost any kind of look and dress. It’s also available in a number of patterns. The earrings may be sold as chandelier, dangle, and drop. You can also find black stud earrings. The black pearl or stone may be combined with other popular earring materials such as white or yellow gold, silver, and some gemstones.

Black Earrings for Men

Surprisingly, though, it’s not only the females who love the black earrings. They are also adored by men, albeit discreetly. They are simpler and more masculine to look at. Some of the preferred designs by guys include the black stud earrings. There are also others who wear hoops, but they are actually huggies.

Buying Your Black Earrings

Are you interested in getting this black jewelry piece? The good news is it’s evident you have plenty of options. You can choose which stone or pearl you want to own. To make sure it’s completely genuine, ask for a certificate from the jeweler or seller. Of course, find a design that fits not only your budget but also your personality.