Beaded Earrings: Very Versatile Pieces

There’s something about beaded earrings that make them stand out among the diamond-studded pairs in the market. One of their secrets could be their versatility. With so many beads to choose from, it’s easy for you to come up-or buy-a pair that truly matches your personality or need.

What Are Your Options?

A lot of people seem to have the wrong idea about beads. They are not just the plastic or the native ones. Beads generally refer to anything you can bundle together by a thread or wire. Therefore, beads have very small holes in opposite directions. It’s where you feed the thread and wire. Moreover, beads can be a crystal, a glass, or even a stone. They are usually round, though you can find beads in other shapes such as a square. By this definition, you already have a pretty good idea of what beaded earrings are. But just to make things clear, you have the beaded chandelier earrings, which are composed of several branches or layers of beads. You also have the beaded gold and silver earrings. The beads may be used to hide the metallic surfaces. Beads may also be incorporated in a filigree design. You can also have beads made from very precious stones such as black diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. However, these are very pricey because of their nature.

How to Make Beaded Earrings Easy

Here’s another reason why beaded earrings are great. You can easily come up with your own pair. The materials in creating beaded earrings are very simple too. One, you need a wire, nylon, or thread, as well as a cutter and sometimes pliers. You also need to have earrings findings, posts, screwbacks, or clips—depending on how you want to wear the earrings later. Since there’s no general rule on the kind of beads you can use, you can start looking for good ones right inside your home. If you need more, you can head to arts and crafts stores. They have a comprehensive display of beading materials. It also helps if you have already determined or downloaded your chosen beaded earring designs. You can choose one and use the guide to know what kinds of beads you would need to recreate or come up with something close to it. Nevertheless, it’s great if you have your own ideas. Don’t forget to separate your beads properly. You can purchase a beading container, which is comprised of several compartments. To begin, tie the end of the thread or wire into a knot. This is to properly secure the beads. Using the pattern you’ve chosen, you can then insert the beads, twist and bend the wire, or create more knots on the threads. Continue doing this until you’re satisfied with the look. To end the beading project, attach what you’ve made to the hook, finding, or clip.

How to Have Beaded Earrings

These jewelry pieces don’t need to be very expensive. In fact, you can already purchase a high-quality pair of bead earrings for $5 or less. However, if you’re setting your sights on more intricate beaded earrings, then it may be worth it to wait for a sale.