Barbell Earrings: Which Should You Pick?

Mens earrings are just as plenty as the girls’ earrings, but theirs would normally be more sinister and, yes, manly; take, for example, the barbell earrings.

What Are They?

Barbell earrings are made up of a straight bar with two balls at each end, more like a barbell. One of the balls is firmly placed at the end of the bar with a super-glue while the other is left removable. This way, you can unscrew and change your earrings if you like. There are different types of these earrings depending on where you’re planning to place them, as well as the manner of inserting them into your ears. Here are some of them:

Cartilage Earrings

The barbell earrings are placed on the ear cartilage, which can be both inner and outer. This is also referred to as conch piercing.

Tragus Earrings

The barbell earrings are placed on the tragus, that very small projection located outside the ear’s canal. You normally use it when you’re putting on headphones, making sure they don’t fall off. The tragus is very thick, so you need to have your ears gauged. This means that a gauge needle will have to be used to pierce your ears. The needle, on the other hand, can either be curved or straight, depending on your preference. The healing process may take as long as 18 months. While you’re in the process of healing, check your tragus earrings regularly. Make sure that you don’t develop any infection. Otherwise, you may risk losing your tragus through surgery.

Industrial Earrings

What are these? The barbell earrings are inserted into two holes of your ears. One of the holes may be located near the head, while the other is in the upper ear cartilage. The distance between the two holes may be around 3 inches. The barbell is then inserted into these two holes. This way, the bar comes across the upper earlobe.

Other Types

The other kinds of barbell earrings are the spiral barbell earrings, which are also called twister. They have a pair of screw-on balls. You also have the circular barbell earrings, which look like a horseshoe. Your earrings can be made from various shades. You can get gold barbell earrings, as well as black ones, especially if you want to be more informal with your look.

How to Attach Barbell Earrings

Note: make sure you don’t do the attachment on your own. These types of earrings can be delicate, especially if you’re planning to have them in less-familiar parts of the ear such as the targus. Just to give you an idea, though, the professional has to use a low-gauge needle to create a hole where the bar is inserted. Once the hole is created, he or she will then place the bar and close the other end with the ball. Depending on the size of the bar, the hole can be made larger by using higher-gauged needles. To avoid infection because of barbell earrings, don’t choose fake. You can also begin with mini earrings just to get used to the idea of wearing them.