Bamboo Earrings: Simplicity Is Beauty

How do bamboo earrings differ from all the other styles, such as diamonds and rubies? They may not glitter, they may not have carats, or they may not be forever—but these earrings are still special. They resemble simplicity, resilience, and classic beauty.

What do Bamboos Stand for?

Bamboos are actually grasses that grow in multitudes especially in China. They are famous for their shoots, which are a staple for the panda bears of the country. However, they are more than just food not only for the Chinese but also for millions of people all over the world. Bamboos stand for resilience, as they easily bend when exposed to strong winds. They are also considered lucky and promote positive energy. That’s why you will find small bamboo plants inside homes and offices. They also resemble simplicity and humility. They simply grow tall and lanky. They don’t have brooding branches or leaves that turn to different colors according to seasons. Nevertheless, bamboos are very beautiful plants. They are extremely pleasant to the eyes.

What Types of Bamboo Earrings can You Choose from?

You can come up with your own criteria on how to pick your bamboo earrings, but we will give you two. First, know what design you prefer. Like other kinds of earrings, you will see bamboo hoop earrings, bamboo studs, and even bamboo chandeliers. Then there are also the fancier ones. You can have the heart bamboo earrings. They can be made of materials such as sterling silver and gold, but they are patterned like small bamboos interlinked together to form a heart. There are also bamboo earrings with name. Usually, these are heart bamboo earrings with a person’s name spelled in the middle of the space. This can be your favorite name or your own name (that is if you prefer the customized earrings). Your bamboo earrings may also be according to the materials used. You have silver, gold, platinum, tungsten, stainless steel, and nickel. Of all these materials, though, you should avoid using nickel. Nickel earrings are not considered to be hypoallergenic. If you have a very sensitive skin, you may only develop skin rashes and certain infections. The bamboo earrings may be 14K gold bamboo earrings, which are average priced. If you want something more contemporary or casual you can pick the sterling silver bamboo earrings. You can definitely purchase bamboo-looking earrings that are made from wood. The wooden earrings are more eco-friendly, but they may not last as long as gold and silver earrings.

How do You Buy Cheap Bamboo Earrings?

Usually, the bamboo earrings are affordable, especially if you do not mind getting the fake one (fake gold, fake silver, fake stones and pears, etc.). What you should be wary, though, are those fake earrings sold as authentic and thus priced highly. They may become pricier if you will have them customized. Personalized jewelry pieces require more time, effort, and creativity. Nevertheless, they may worth the money, knowing these would reflect your personality more.