Antique Earrings: Dare to Be Different

Why do many people still dig antique earrings? Well, what types of jewelry pieces stand for timelessness, style, and elegance? Surely, it will be those earrings that have been sold several years ago. What’s more, you seem to never run out of fabulous choices. If you want to know what this means, check the following list out:

Antique Stud Earrings

These antique earrings are the opposite of chandeliers. They do not hang loose on your ear lobes or fall directly above your shoulders or your jaws. They are rather attached directly to the ear lobes. Since most of the vintage earrings were all about flamboyancy and elaborate style, it is not common for you to find stud earrings. However, if you can be resourceful enough, you will discover there are still excellent pieces to choose. For example, you have the antique diamond jewelry of art deco style. Thus it is probably made sometime in the 1920s or inspired by the shimmering steel buildings that were so popular during this period. The diamonds are set on a platinum band, making the pair of earrings truly glittering and too easy to notice. Diamond cuts can be very varied. If you want something cheap, you can opt for the princess cut, marquise cut, or heart; but if you are willing to splurge, the best choice will be the round brilliant cuts.

Drop Antique Jewelry Earrings

These antique earrings are like chandeliers, but they are usually much simpler and thinner than them. A good choice of a drop antique earring is the peacock drop made from white opal. It can be styled according to the Victorian Era where most of the jewelry pieces feature ornate or elaborate designs, lots of twisting and turning of wires. The pearl drop earrings with art deco holder is perfect for any kind of long gown or even for your little black dress. The pearl can be natural or cultured, which further adds more value to your earrings since they are definitely real. If you are looking for antique gold earrings, you can choose another variation of the pearl drop. Instead of the rose gold, you can find one that uses 14K yellow gold on a Victorian-inspired earring. Expect many intricacies and incorporation of other accents too such as small diamonds or beads.

Get Some Inspiration

Indeed, antique earrings abound. You will surely not have a hard time choosing great pieces, unless you are very meticulous about designs or you do not know which ones to pick. However, do you know that you can actually come up with your own design? You simply need to know the basic fashion rules on earrings for every period. For example, the Victorian era is all about elaboration, considering that intricate jewelry pieces were proof of status or even nobility back then. Retro earrings speak about fun and freedom, popular during the 1960s to 1970s. Thus, you can create earrings that reflect youth and exuberance or perhaps psychedelic. You can also use the ones you see online as your sources of inspiration. You just need to tweak them a bit to incorporate your own ideas.