Why Use and Choose A Wooden Earring Holder?

A wooden earring holder is just one of the many types of jewelry display cases available in the market. Recently, earrings became more popular than ever before. This sudden change was followed by a lot of earring display holder styles that surprised consumers. Earring holders now come in a large variety of designs that can answer to any preference.

Why you need an earring display holder

So there is no reason not to get an earring rack anymore. The product is right out there in the market, offering its benefits to you. What exactly are these benefits anyway?

Earring holders help you organize your earrings so you don’t lose a single piece of a pair or lose the pair altogether. There are also earring display racks that allow you to hang the pieces side by side. This way, you can easily choose the earrings you want to wear for the day.

Using earring racks is also the safest way to keep your jewelry. Jewelry boxes usually lead to tangled up jewelry and broken pieces but that won’t happen if you use the modern designs of jewelry racks available nowadays. A wooden earring holder is quite the popular type, but it is just a single fish out of an ocean.

Different types of jewelry holders

Jewelry holders come in countless styles and designs. Some of the most popular ones are in the tree style. Earring trees or jewelry trees are tree-shaped jewelry display pieces with branches where you can hang your jewelries.

You will also find a lot of framed earring holders with mesh material where you can hang the earrings. These are great for dangling earrings. There are also brass jewelry racks in various shapes and designs that come with ready-made holes where you can hang your earrings. Those with smaller holes can hold all varieties of pierced earrings.

You will also find wooden, metal, and plastic jewelry holders. Given all the options, this is definitely one tough choice to make.

Wooden, metal, or plastic earring holder?

  • Wooden earring holder – This looks great for antique or vintage jewelry because it matches the mood and the warm color of such pieces; they are great for heavy gold and silver jewelry.
  • Metal earring holder – Metal looks great with sparkly pieces such as Swarovski earrings or diamond earrings as well as modern contemporary pieces.
  • Plastic earring holder - Plastic jewelry display racks are great for colorful and trendy pieces made of light materials.

If you are looking for a jewelry display rack, you definitely have a lot to choose from. Check your earring collection to see whether a plastic, metal, or wooden earring holder would be best for you.

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