Earring Tree Holder - How to Display Your Earrings in Style with Earring Trees

An earring tree holder is one of the most common types of earring holders. Jewelry trees are very common; these are tree-shaped organizers. You can hang your jewelries on the branches of the “trees.” These do not only keep your earrings organized; they will also look great on your dresser or shelf.

Top 3 reasons why you need an earring tree stand

  1. Display your earrings. In the past, the norm was to use jewelry boxes. But these keep your earrings hidden away, and they usually get tangled up and jumbled together. Now, you can show off your earrings and keep them well-ordered by pairs using unique earring holders. This also makes it easier for you to view your collection and pick your jewelry for the day.
  2. Do it creatively. An earring tree holder is a unique, eye-catching piece that can also stand as decorative fixtures in your room. You can get them in various sizes and colors. This means you can choose one that goes with the color or theme of your room.
  3. No need for mounting. A lot of women now prefer jewelry trees because they stand on their own. You don’t have to pierce a hole on your wall just to mount the rack up and keep your jewelry organized.

Different types of earring trees

Most earring trees can hold around ten pairs of earrings, but depending on where you buy them, you might be able to find bigger ones. They also come in various colors and designs; the number of branches may also vary.

Some tree-shaped jewelry holders also come with longer branches where you can also hang bracelets or necklaces, aside from just earrings.

An earring tree holder is usually made of brass, solid wood, or sterling silver.

You can also get a pierced earring tree if you’re more into pierced stud earrings than the dangling type.

When jewelry trees are helpful

These tree-shaped jewelry holders have actually become a trend. You can use them for many jewelry display purposes.

  • You can use them at home.
  • You can use them to display jewelries you sell.
  • And they make great gifts for friends and relatives who just love earrings.

So if you want to start organizing your jewelries, do it the trendy way and get yourself an earring tree holder.

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