Earring Storage: A Good Way of Preserving Sentiments and Value

Why do you need an earring storage? Despite the emergence of larger earrings, most of the earrings that you have may be small. You need to keep them safe at all times. You also need to use the storage to make sure that you can properly maintain your earrings.

If you just simply combine them with your other pieces of jewelry, there's a huge chance that their pins and wires will get damaged. You also have to think about your hygiene. Keep in mind that you're going to wear a set in your ears. Putting them in dirty places could mean infection for you.
Lastly, earrings will always be valuable to you—even if they are not real.

Earring Storage Boxes

A good earring storage is a box. Most of these boxes have tiny compartments, which allow you to store your earrings individually. This way, it will be very easy for you to look for your earring.

These boxes can also be tucked inside cabinets, placed on top of vanity tables, or carried with you anywhere you go.

A storage box may be made of wood or metal, depending on what type of finish you want it to have. If you're sentimental, wood is a preferred choice, since it always denotes timelessness and durability. Metal is ideal for those who want to settle for more modern storage boxes.

On the other hand, if you want something artsy, you can go for ceramic boxes, which are usually made of clay. You can get one in pottery shops.

Earring Racks

Another favorite earring storage is the earring rack. The good thing about rack is it allows you to display your earrings while having a storage that is very stable. The only disadvantage is that you have very limited choices.

Nevertheless, racks are very easy to use. If you have pierced earrings, you can just slip the earring right into the slot or the hole.

Meanwhile, if you possess dangling or drop earrings, you can attach the hooks into the wires or the bigger holes. You can even attach your clip-ons here. The wires of earring racks are very thin, so your clip-ons can definitely hold on to them.

Earring Tree Holder

When you want something more elegant than earring racks, however, you may want to choose an earring tree holder. Earring trees are called as such because of their shapes. They have "branches" where you can attach your earrings.

You can insert the pierced earrings or hang your hooked and clip-on ones.

There are also different kinds of these earring storage pieces in the market. You have ear ring holders that are made of wires. They are excellent for individuals who have very small and thin earrings.

Most of the wires are also thin.

You can also pick wooden earring holders. You can buy them unfinished, so you can paint them with your favorite color, or you can settle for the dark brown and black finishes. Those that are made of wood are very sturdy and can therefore handle larger pieces of earrings.

You don't have to limit yourself when it comes to your storage for earrings. Be flexible. Have fun with its designs and functions.

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