Earring Stands: Choose Your Personality

Every girl is proud with every piece of earring she has; that's why she needs earring stands. The good news is that they now come in wide variety of choices—shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Earring Trees

Why do you need earring stands? There are three good reasons. One, you will have an excellent "storage" for all your earrings. Especially if they are made of glittering stones, you definitely want them to show around to your friends, or you want to look at them once in a while. The stand gives you a reason to display them at their finest.

Second, it's a lot easier for you to change your earrings. Women can be very fickle minded. Sometimes, too, they love to match their earrings with the rest of the jewelry pieces or with what they wear. With your earrings in earring holders, you can change a pair within seconds.

Third, you can conveniently maintain and account for them. Because you can see them, you would know which of the earrings may require cleaning (because they have lost their luster or color) or minor repair (broken clip-on, perhaps?). Moreover, you can check if there are missing earrings among your collection.

Usually, when you place them in boxes, you will never know if you have lost some of them unless you remember the storage and open it.

Vintage Earring Holder Stand

One of the best kinds of earrings holders to date are the vintage designed. They are the ones with intertwined "vines," painted with rustic colors. They remind you of the Victorian and Edwardian Era, where jewelry pieces are considered to be very valuable. They are excellent displays for your chandelier or pearl-drop earrings, and those pairs with huge and colored stones, such as turquoise or emeralds.

Wooden Ear Ring Display Stand

A wooden-finished vanity cabinet demands a wooden earring display stand. It's a lot simpler and works with any kind of earring, including the most glamorous ones. It's also sturdier and doesn't turn to rust, unlike metal-finished ones (unless you go for stainless steel earring stands).

All-in-one Jewelry Stands

If you're the type who doesn't want to see a lot of stands in your vanity table, you can opt for an all-in-one jewelry stand. It has an allocation for your necklaces, bracelets, and, of course, earrings. It is usually multi-tiered, and holders have different sizes to accommodate the different dimensions of your jewelry.

Monochrome or Multicolored Earring Holder Stand

With earring holder stand, you can go from multicolored to monochrome. It definitely depends upon you. For example, you may want to pick the classic black or white, if you want to settle for elegant stands.

You can also choose flashy red or pink, when you want to be eccentric with your options.

An ear ring stand helps you in taking care of your earrings. Rather than keep them in boxes where they end up breaking their posts or their clip ons, you can place them properly in the holder. It also allows you to appreciate your pieces more, since you can see them immediately.

These stands are sold in arts and crafts shops. Pick one that suits your personality the best.

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