Why and How to Use Earring Holders for Your Earring Collection

Earring holders should be part of every jewelry collection. Earring trees are jewelry holders specifically made to hold earrings, so you can proudly display your collection. But showcasing your studs and dangling earrings is not the only purpose of an earring tree holder.

Top reasons to use an earring tree holder

  • Find your earrings easily. With organized earring holders, you won’t waste time looking for your favorite earring or for that other piece of your expensive pearl earring. You save a few precious minutes you would otherwise have spent rummaging around in your jewelry box.
  • It is easier to find earrings that suits your outfit the best. When you use earring racks, you can see all your earrings at once. It is easier to choose which pair to wear for the day when your earrings are all neatly displayed.
  • Earring racks can save a lot of space. Do you use jewelry boxes? Jewelry boxes can only hold up to a certain number of jewelries, but they tend to be very bulky. Earring trees, on the other hand, take up little space but can hold countless of earrings.
  • Don’t lose your earrings. A lot of jewelry lovers often have this problem; their jewelries get lost easily. It also becomes easier to misplace some of your earrings as your collection gets bigger. And since earrings are smaller and come in pairs, they are even easier to lose.

Tips in buying an earring display holder

Finding earring holders is not difficult. Follow these tips so you can find an earring tree that works for you.

  • Earring racks come in many different styles and designs. They can also be shaped like butterflies, dragonflies, a tree, fruits, sailboat, a dress, and many others depending on what sellers creatively think up. Find a style that appeals the best to you.
  • They can be made using different materials, like metal in a metal earring holder. Some make use of a screen or a cloth attached to a wooden or acrylic frame. You can make these decisions mostly on aesthetics, but you can also consider the durability of the materials and the earring display holder itself.
  • Choose a price that fits your budget. Don’t get duped by buying expensive earring holders! Earring trees come in various price ranges; some may cost a few dollars, while some may require hundred dollars’ worth of investment.

Easy steps to making your own earring tree holder

There’s good news, though. You can actually make your own pierced earring holder. In just a few steps, your earring collection will be up on display on your DIY earring holders.

  • Get a fabric such as mesh or other grated materials that can hold earrings. Even an old pantyhose will do.
  • Cut it to your desired size.
  • Take a piece of wood and create an empty frame.
  • Attach or sew the edges of the fabric or mesh onto the frame. Make sure to stretch the fabric thoroughly so that it will be perfectly straight and sturdy enough to hold your earrings.
  • Start hanging your prized earrings.

Earring holders can make life a lot easier for you and your accessories. Make sure to treat your earrings with care by using earring holders.

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