Earring Display Card - How to Use and Make Effective Earring Display Cards

An earring display card is something you should not forget if you are in the jewelry business. Earring cards give earrings a professional and presentable look, and if your cards look great, the earrings will look as refined as designer jewelry.

A pair of earrings packaged using an earring display card also looks more credible; it will make your customers feel at ease that they are transacting with a real, legitimate business.

And since most customers tend to keep the jewelry cards, using them is like leaving an advertisement at your customers’ homes. This will pave the way for repeat customers.

Where can you get jewelry earring cards?

Getting your hands on an earring display card is easy. You can get it from the following sources:

  • Invest in a set of jewelry display cards. You can buy them from jewelry catalog sellers or from online shops. This is a practical, convenient, and affordable option. All you have to do is place an order and you have nothing else to worry about.
  • Make your own unique jewelry cards. This way, you can do whatever you want with it and use whatever design you wish. This will also give your earrings a personalized look.
  • Have your jewelry earring cards custom made. This is perhaps the best option if you don’t want to spend a lot of time making your own. A custom earring display card won’t cost you a lot, and you also get to save time. You can either present your own design or have professionals do the designing for you. Either way, the custom cards will make your earrings stand out.

Important information to put on your earring cards

If you pick option no. 2 or 3, then you should know what your hanging earring cards should contain. Your earring display card should have the following:

  • Your company name or name of your jewelry business
  • Your logo
  • Your contact information – it is important that you provide a phone number, an address, an e-mail address, or even a website address if you have one

How to add an extra flair to your earring cards

If you want to go one step further, you can also provide the following:

  • Your tagline, if you have one
  • Description of the jewelry - the more dramatic the description, the more buyers will be attracted to them
  • Details about the jewelry such as materials used
  • Gemstone lore or trivia if the jewelry uses gemstones

Don’t just sell your jewelry; attract your buyers and build your jewelry business with a unique custom earring display card.

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