Why Earring Converters Are Necessary

If you feel like pierced jewelry earrings are such a hassle, but you just can't throw your pieces away, then perhaps what you need are earring converters. These are tiny accessories that you attach to your pierced earrings.

The Beauty of Clip On Earring Converters

You can practically convert your earrings to a lot of things, thanks to earring converters. You can make them into bracelets and necklaces. However, nothing beats turning your pierced earrings into clip on earrings.

Clip on earrings are more convenient. When you no longer want to wear your existing clip on earrings, you can immediately remove them from your ears and look for another one. Clip on earrings, moreover, prevent you from suffering swelling of the ears, which normally happens when you get your ears pierced.

When you exhibit allergic reactions to the clip on earrings, you can instantly change the clips from steel to plastic or vice versa, whichever is more comfortable to you. Clip on earrings can also come in a variety of style. Your old pierced stud earring can then be transformed to an elegant drop earring, with a clip on.
You can also add more embellishments to the earrings, such as tiny pearls or fake diamonds, to make them more elegant, chic, or casual.

Benefits of an Earring Converter

You cannot, however, convert your earrings if you don't have an earring converter. It itself carries a number of benefits.

First, it permits you to change how your earrings look. You can have pierced earrings now and clip on earrings later. If you're too scared of having your ears pierced, or you're tired of having one, an earring converter is all you need to change whatever pieces of earrings you currently have. You don't have to purchase new sets.

An earring converter is not dedicated to one pair of earrings. You can use it for other pairs of earrings, which makes it a very flexible piece.

It also holds your earrings and clip ons properly. You don't have to be scared about losing a piece of your valuable earring. Moreover, you won't have to feel embarrassed when you end up joining parties and other special occasions without one earring.

Most of all, an earring converter allows you to develop a new hobby: creating a new earring for yourself and even for your friends.

Working with Pierced Earring Converters

Today you will learn how to convert earrings. The first step is to make sure that you will have all the tools with you. One you need a pair of earrings. These are the ones that you're going to transform into clip on earrings.
You may want to choose those with upper holes, so it's easier to deal with. You also need some pliers and earring converters.

You can buy converters at only $5. A pair can also be silver, gold, metal, or plastic. You can get them from a website or from arts and crafts shop.

To convert the earrings, you just need to bend the post and insert them into the cylinder, which you are going to attach into the earrings. You can then have the clip on earrings you've been wanting.

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