Clip On Earring Converters- How to Convert Earrings to Clip On with Clip Earrings

Some girls consider clip on earring converters as must-have accessory pieces. Most earrings are sold in pierced styles nowadays. Unfortunately, some girls are not able to use these earrings for some reason.

For example, your piercing has already closed up or you didn’t get a piercing in the first place. A lot of girls are also allergic to using pierced earrings and are easily irritated. Sometimes, girls may also be physically incapable of putting on pierced earrings.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this: clip on earring converters.

What is a clip on earring converter?

A clip on earring converters are tools you can use to convert pierced earrings to clip style. The most commonly used is the earrings clip. This is literally a clip that you attach to your pierced earrings so you can use it as a clip on earring.

How to convert pierced earrings to clip earrings in 6 easy steps?

  1. Get yourself an clip on earring converter and look for the tube attached to it.
  2. Insert the post of the pierced earring you want to convert into the tube.
  3. Bend the post forward to secure.
  4. You may need to adjust the position of the earring so that it faces out.
  5. The converter will hold the earring post tightly.
  6. And voila! You have a clip on earring. Simply pry apart the front and the back hinges of the clip and put it on.

Option #2: Clip On Hoop Earring Converters

Clip on hoop earring converters are another common type of clip on earring converters. This is similar to the usual clip on converter, except that instead of the tube, it has a hoop attached to it. The small hoop allows you to hang any charm onto it. It’d be like making your own earrings.

The best thing about using these is that you can choose the charms and make the earrings you want! Just buy one set of clip on hoop earrings and replace the charms to match your outfit.

Don’t be prevented from making your fashion statement by not being able to wear pierced earrings. You can use all the earrings you want even without the piercing part. All you need are clip on earring converters!

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