All You Need to Know About Buying Diamond Jewelry

When it comes to buying a right kind of gift for someone who means a lot to you, there isn’t a better way to express your feelings than giving away diamond jewelry. A diamond is forever, and that’s the reason why it is a perfect gift of love. However, there are different types of jewelry options, which can be quite confusing for some people.

Two of the very best options are mentioned here to make things easier for you.

A 3-Stone Diamond Ring

Talk about popular diamond jewelry and you will see people going for diamond rings. The 3 stone diamond ring is available in a variety of different bands. Depending upon the budget, the jeweler offers different band materials. Sterling silver is one of the most popular materials, especially if you are looking for inexpensive engagement rings. Gold bands are available in three types – white gold, yellow gold, and the rarest, pink gold.

Moreover, the priciest and most precious is platinum. The platinum used in the three stone diamond rings adds quality to the ring. Some people opt to go for a mix such as combining the white gold and silver or the yellow gold with white gold. By customizing the rings in such a way, the bands can be personalized for the customer.

Another addition to the band can be to engrave it with the names or initials of both the man and the woman. The women appreciate the work put in by the men to give them the ideal gift.

Diamond Stud Earrings

There is a conflict between people when you try to find the more popular option between diamond stud earrings and 3-stone diamond rings. However, if you love diamonds, you will also love diamond earrings, as they are now available for both men and women. They can find an earring in right shape with perfect studs, and that’s what makes it a popular option.

More about Diamond Cuts

The diamonds are cut in different ways and styles to be embedded in the jewelry. Therefore, in order to choose the best cut for earrings or 3-stone diamond ring, there are several choices. The round cut diamonds are more popular than the others. This is ranked as the prettiest diamond and is also referred to as the brilliant diamond cut. It has a shape like a cone and the top of the diamond maximizes the light return.

The princess cut diamond is the smallest diamond available and is ranked second to the round brilliant diamonds. This type of diamond has a square or rectangular face with its body resembling an inverted pyramid. Oval or marquise cut diamonds are best for women with small hands. These have rounded ends and light shines through them.

The emerald cut is a rectangular shape, also known as “step up” due to its resemblance to a staircase.

So, if you need a perfect gift, try diamond jewelry. Just make sure you pay attention to the quality of diamonds, which you can judge by checking its clarity and cuts. It is important to check cuts and clarity because these two factors also affect diamond prices.

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