Tycoon Diamond Cut - Important Facts about the Tycoon Diamond Cut and How to Buy One

The tycoon diamond cut is no doubt one of the most beautiful diamond cuts around. Rare and resplendent, this particular diamond cut is also highly sought after. If you happen to be one of those looking for this diamond cut to complete your collection, here are a few things you should know.

History of the tycoon cut diamond

The tycoon cut diamond was created in 1999 by Toros Kejejian, who belonged to a family of jewelry makers. Now, there are now 4 design patents for the special diamond cut.

The beauty of tycoon diamonds

The tycoon cut is a very elaborate cut, not to mention difficult for jewelry makers to polish. They also tend to be expensive. But if you want something with that fine subtle cut and a striking sparkle, the tycoon diamonds offer just that combination. A tycoon diamond cut is definitely hard to describe, but this will help you recognize one when you see one:
  • A tycoon diamond features nine crown facets. The top center facet is in the shape of a diamond. This is why the tycoon diamond cut is often dubbed as the “diamond with a diamond on top.”
  • A tycoon cut is rectangular.
  • It has 20 step-cut pavilions.
  • Due to these facets, it can reflect twice as much light as the traditional emerald diamond. This brilliance is one of the most exceptional in the world of jewelry.
  • Its table is larger than those of other emerald cuts. The table also features a signature diamond shape, making it quite unique.

How to buy the best tycoon cut diamonds

Tycoon diamond cuts are very complex and intricate; to make them, a high level of craftsmanship is needed. This means you don’t get a tycoon diamond from just about anywhere. You have to buy a tycoon diamond cut jewelry from only the most trusted sellers around. Also, make sure your tycoon diamond bears a laser inscription with its name and serial number. A tycoon diamond should also have at least 40 points. When you buy one, don’t leave without a GIA certificate for the diamond. A tycoon diamond cut is one fine gem, so make sure you buy only the finest in quality and brilliance.