The Secret Facets of Star Shaped Diamonds and Star Shaped Jewellery

Star shaped diamonds are just some of the shaped jewellery types available out there. Surely you see a lot of star shaped gems around in various types of jewelry. And that’s understandable. The star shape is striking and attractive. The shape also fits the sparkle of the gemstones.

The facts about star cut diamonds

The star cut diamonds are available from a number of companies. One of these is the Digico Group, which produced the Star Cut. Here are some facts about the star cut by Digico Group:

  • The star cut has 86 facets.
  • Star shaped diamonds usually has carats that range between .05 and 2.
  • Available colors are from H to I.
  • Clarity ranges from VS to 11.
Another source of star shaped diamonds is Cullinan, with the Cullinan Star Cut Diamond. Here are some facts about the Cullinan version:

  • The star cut from Cullinan has 66 facets.
  • It has a dazzling star shape formed in the middle of the light reflected from the facets.
  • It comes with eight special facets that form the star in the center.

What shaped jewelery styles can you choose from

Shaped jewellery is very common. What other designs would be great to create jewellery from but the common shapes we see around. Aside from the star cut diamonds, you can also find a lot of heart-shaped diamonds used in heart earrings, and even triangle shaped diamonds. These are often seen in necklaces and earrings.

Why you need a star earring

If the jewellery world is Hollywood, star earrings are definitely stars. Don’t be surprised to see a lot of them hanging on other girls’ ears. Star shaped earrings are very attractive; maybe it’s the five sharp edges that give it that appeal. There are star stud earrings, star dangle earrings, and even heart-shaped hoop earrings.

In some jewelry, the stars have rounded edges, which make it look youthful and soft. Some dangle earrings also feature crocheted and patterned star shapes, which combine the playfulness of the star shape with an elegant pattern. This just means one thing: star earrings are for girls and women of all ages.

The star shape is a very eye-catching shape. No wonder it’s very popular. It is often used in earring making, and even the star shaped diamonds have extra facets that create added brilliance and beauty.