Knowing More about Ideal Cut Diamonds

Whether you're an avid collector or investor of diamonds, seller, or simply an enthusiast, you need to know the value of ideal cut diamonds and hearts and arrows diamonds. After all, cut is considered to be the most important factor of this fabulous gemstone.

The Significance of Cut

Of all the 4Cs--cut, carat, color, and clarity--cut is the most essential. This is because it is the one responsible for bringing in the brilliance, shine, luster, and fire of a diamond. In fact, no matter how valuable your stone is based on clarity and color, if it's not properly cut, it still is not worth a lot.

Moreover, cut refers to the ability of the craftsman to showcase the ultimate beauty of the diamond. With precision and creativity, he or she can increase the worthiness of the diamond just by cutting the stone.

Setting the Difference between Shape and Cut

A lot of people are getting confused between cut and shape. Is there any difference between them? Yes, they are.

You can consider the latter to be a by-product of the former. By cutting, you create shapes of diamonds. Simply put, shape refers to the outward appearance of the stone.

You should keep in mind that between the two, still, cut supersedes shape. Just because a diamond looks so unique, it doesn't mean it can produce brilliance.

Factors to Consider in Diamond Cutting

When you want to produce and ideal cut diamond, you should think beyond the shape. There are a lot more that you have to account for.

One of these is the depth and width of the diamond. The diamond that is very deep produces several dark edges on the stone, which simply means that it doesn't bring about its brilliance. If the cut is shallow, it will be hard for the light to bounce back into the surface of the diamond, so it lacks luster.

Another thing to consider for ideal cut diamonds is the symmetry. We are talking about the alignment of the different polished and flat surfaces of the stone called facets. It is important that the facets are properly aligned.

Otherwise, the diamond will not be able to bounce back light once you move the stone to the light source. You will know if the facets are symmetrical based on the grading report. If it says poor or fair, then the facets are misaligned.

You also have the polish of the diamonds. The facets' surface must be smooth at all times, so it will be very easy for light to travel from the source, into the diamond, and back into the source.

Different Cuts of Diamonds

Do you know that there are a lot of diamond cuts that you can choose from? However, if you're after the best cut diamonds or the most ideal diamond cut, you're talking about the round brilliant cut.

It's composed of 58 facets, which means it's not only aligned but also proportionate. It is also the most popular of all cut diamonds.

The princess cut is also very well-known. It is usually used to create solitaire rings or three-stone ring setting, where the diamond is surrounded by other gemstones.