Emerald Shaped Diamonds - What You Need to Know about Emerald Shape Diamonds and How to Choose One

Emerald shaped diamonds are a popular choice of engagement rings. The emerald cut was actually intended only for the gemstone emerald. It was later on discovered that the cut also made great-looking diamond pieces. Sure enough, emerald shape diamonds are attractive and striking diamonds.

Basic facts about the emerald cut diamond

The emerald cut diamond is a simple, rectangular diamond cut that has cropped corners. The cut was developed to make a diamond shape that is less vulnerable to breaking despite the presence of some inclusions.

To recognize emerald shaped diamonds, keep the following in mind.

  • Diamonds with the emerald cut tend to have longer, more elegant-looking lines.
  • They set off a more dramatic play of light.
  • The emerald diamonds may not be as affordable as the traditional round cut but they are not as expensive as the classier princess cut.

Choosing emerald diamonds

Since an emerald cut is a simpler, more open cut, inclusions and color weaknesses tend to be more noticeable. This means you have to choose well when it comes to emerald shaped diamonds. Here are some minimum requirements of good quality emerald cut diamonds.

  • The color should be at least G.
  • The cut should be good. Poor cuts are very obvious in the emerald diamond type.
  • It should have VS2 clarity at the least.
  • It should have around 58% to 69% depth percentage.
  • It should have a 58% to 69% table.
  • The traditional length and width ratio is 1.5:1 ot 1.75:1.

Why emerald cut diamonds make great engagement rings

The emerald cut makes great diamonds for engagement rings. They can be used either as solitaire or for accent. Diamond engagement bands with the emerald cut are also less expensive, so you can even get a larger stone.

The emerald cut is a bit on the traditional side, but has more appeal than that. It is simple, timeless, yet stunning. Surely you’d want the same descriptions for your engagement ring.

Emerald shaped diamonds make a sound choice when you’re picking out an engagement ring, so you can rest assured you won’t go wrong.