Diamond Carat Measures the Size of the Diamond

What is a diamond carat and why can't one simply ignore it?

In simple terms, carat refers to the weight of the diamond. It is one of the most important factors in assessing diamonds. Another reason why it matters is because buyers will always notice the diamond's size and thus can become part of their purchase decision.

Carat is also used to measure other gemstones, including pearls. When it comes to gold purity, we are referring to Karat, which is resembled by the letter K.

How Big Is a Carat?

A diamond carat is actually equal to 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. It is further expressed as points, where one carat diamonds will have 100 points. In an ounce, there are 124 carats.

Loose diamonds are a lot easier to weigh than those that are already set. Nevertheless, the latter can be expressed total carat weight. It means that you don't only measure the main diamond but also the accent stones that are found in the setting.

The total carat weight may change the price of carat jewellery. For example, a one-carat diamond may become 2 carats because of the accents it has. Thus, it will become pricier compared to loose diamonds of the same quality.

If you have diamond earrings, the total carat weight is always divided into two. So if you have a total carat weight of 2, then it means that every one of them has 1 carat of diamond.

The Sizes of Diamonds

You may wonder, "Why are larger diamonds more expensive than the smaller ones?" You may think that it's because of the carat weight, which is partly true. But the deeper explanation is that it takes millions of years before the diamonds are formed.

Thus, most of the diamonds available are of very small amounts. You seldom find very big ones. Because of the latter's rarity, they are valued more.

So when you get to a jewelry shop, don't question anymore why two carat diamonds are costlier than 1-carat or even 0.95-carat diamonds.

Price of Diamonds Per carat

Price charts are available, which are then used to determine the cost of the diamonds that are sold in jewelry shops. Besides the size, the price of every carat will be affected by the scarcity or rarity of particular sizes.

The price may also increase because of very limited supply. This will also explain why certain diamonds of smaller carats can still be costlier than the others.

Most of all, the value of the diamond will be influenced by the other 4Cs, which include color, cut, and clarity. So even if the diamond is so huge, which means it has a high carat weight, it can still be cheaper than the others because it's not proportionally cut or has a lot of inclusions.

This also means that the craftsmanship of the master cutter is very significant. One of his greatest challenges is to ensure that he or she is able to preserve the original carat weight as much as possible during the cutting process.