Why Cultured Diamonds May Give Naturals a Run for Their Money

Many people don’t really mind the cultured diamonds. After all, they are often seen as inferior as the naturals. That’s pretty understandable. Natural diamonds take such a long time to form, even millions of years. Hence, they are surely valuable and priceless.

However, it’s also not fair to completely ignore the cultured diamonds simply because they have been developed by man. In fact, these same people who call “fancy diamonds” as “fake” cannot tell the difference between the naturals and the fancies.

Top Reasons to Get Cultured Diamonds

Here’s another trivia: plenty believe that the word “cultured” is just a new term for jewelry pieces. The truth is it’s been around for so many years, though it’s often associated with pearls.

If you’re unconvinced about the value of these fancy diamonds, the following may finally persuade you:

They are still diamonds.

This is the reason why fancy diamonds should never be called fake diamonds. They still possess the same characteristics as the natural diamonds. They have brilliance, luster, fire, color, cut, and even grade.

Before they are sold in the market, they are still evaluated by various diamond grading agencies including the Gemological Institute of America and European Gemological Laboratory.

The only difference is that the fancy diamonds are lab cultured diamonds. Other than that, though, they share almost the same composition, physical and chemical.

You can actually save lives and Mother Earth.

Have you heard of blood diamonds? These are mined diamonds from the war zone and sold in the market to support the oncoming or the incoming war. One doesn’t have to be told anymore that wars kill millions of lives all over the world. Blood diamond conflicts are very rampant in Africa, where most of the diamond mines are located.

Speaking of mines, for these people to obtain diamonds, they need to dig several hundreds of meters down the ground just to harvest these precious minerals. In the process, the mines leave scars on Mother Earth.

When you wear cultured diamonds, such as white cultured diamonds or blue cultured diamonds, you are saying no to the selling of these types of diamonds in the market.

They are very beautiful.

The nice thing about fancy diamonds is that they can be very flexible especially when it comes to their colors and other properties. It’s not impossible to find colorless cultured diamonds in the market today, as well as various different unique cuts such as amorillion, ashoka, asprey, barocut, corona, cushion, Gabrielle, and a whole lot more.

They also have a different kind of fire or brilliance that is not possessed by ordinary natural diamonds.

How to Buy These Diamonds

The one thing you should avoid when buying fancy diamonds is being fooled into getting the fake one. Thus, learn to shop for them from a reputable manufacturer and seller.

One of these diamond sellers is the Gemesis. The company has been around for a number of years, manufacturing and selling Gemesis cultured diamonds all over the world. Though their diamonds were developed in laboratories, they are still valuable because of the standards set by the company.

These diamonds never go out of their lab and sold without being evaluated and tested. Hence, diamonds from Gemesis come with their own certification.